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mod podged modern bird silhouette canvases {a tutorial}

Every once in a while a Crate and Barrel catalog comes to my door. And while I don’t normally fall in love with many of their pieces (or their prices), I did happen upon this image while perusing their wares…

I liked the modern feel of them and loved the simple, clean graphics…I didn’t love the price or the bolder color for my space. So, I got to work on creating something similiar that would work better with my space and style, and came up with this….
Like? I love. Want the how-to? Keep reading, this was super-fast, easy and a lot of fun…enjoy!
Materials Needed:
4 canvas’
Ribbon (if canvas’ are stapled)
hot glue
Mod Podge
paint, wallpaper, or scrapbook paper
marker or pencil

Step 1: Collect your supplies. I had some sale canvas’ from Ben Franklin that I knew would be perfect for this project. I also gathered three wallpaper samples that I wanted to use for the backgrounds.

Step 2: If using stapled canvas’, hot glue a length of ribbon around each canvas. No staples to deal with? You can choose to still use the ribbon for color/contrast, or you can paint your canvas’ edges.

Step 3: Using your choice of medium–paint, wallpaper, or scrapbook paper, cover your canvases. I used wallpaper and liked having the subtle design in the background, though I think three canvases in three different solid colors would look great as well.

Step 4: Using a pencil, sketch out your bird and branch images. This was so easy…and I am definitely not skilled in hand drawing. I closely replicated the images on the Crate and Barrel canvases, but obviously the only limit is your creativity and hand drawing skills!

Step 5: If you are good with a paintbrush, feel free to go ahead and paint in your designs. I, on the other hand, am not. So, for me, the easiest next step was tracing my sketches with a black scrapbooking marker. A sharpie would also work well. Then, taking black paint, fill in your outlines…

…or you can take the easy way out and use your nifty Galaxy Marker to fill in your designs. This marker is super dark, so, for me, it worked just as well as pulling out the paint and brush.
Step 6: Stand back, admire, and be proud of the fact that your new artwork was much cheaper and much more personal than anything you could have bought.
Thanks for reading!!
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Tuesday 1st of June 2010

Fabulous. I have stolen your idea, and made these with beautiful forest green burlap and dollar store bird decals.Love your stuff!


Wednesday 19th of May 2010

Great job! Where did you get the wallpaper samples? This is going in my To Do file!

Robin R

Monday 17th of May 2010

Great job - I'm laughing b/c I've actually been gearing up to do the same thing (inspired by the same C&B tiles) with larger canvases for my sunroom! Thanks for the tip on the marker outline.

The Prudent Homemaker

Saturday 15th of May 2010

Very pretty!

rachel (curly and crafty)

Saturday 15th of May 2010

wow these are gorgeous! wonderful job!