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favorite plate walls

plate wallOver 5 years ago (five!), I shared some of my favorite plate walls. I ran across the post the other day, and immediately knew I wanted to do a follow-up. I love the variety, interesting layouts and creative freedom of plate walls, and today, I’m sharing 10 that I especially love…

plate wall

Adore this combination of blue and white…and these plates are painted! Amazing!

francois et moi

plate wall

I love the mix of materials and textures in this whimsical plate wall!

madigan made

plate wall

This bold plate wall is definitely statement-making.

aunt peaches

plate wall

Ahh! These colors! Love this combination of blue, white, green and yellow plates.

house & home

plate wall

My very own white plate wall, plus, I share my easy way of hanging plates.


plate wall

This plate wall is so pretty with it’s mix of patterns and colors.

the design files

plate wall

This pink wall is stunning! As is that gorgeous upholstery.

the nest

plate wall

The random arrangement of these plates is so cool and would be easy to replicate.

den of opulence

plate wall

Again with the lovely blue and white!


plate wall

The initials woven into this collage adds a personal and meaningful touch.

lettered cottage

Thanks for reading all about my favorite plate walls. Have a fantastic day!

Judy H.

Thursday 17th of September 2015

I love the plates on the pink wall. Pink walls are always so unexpected and the arrangement of plates sparked with pink just pop on that beautiful wall!


Thursday 17th of September 2015

Oh how pretty, these are gorgeous!