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Floor Beds for Toddlers & Babies {5 Benefits of a Kids Montessori Floor Bed}

Thinking about a Montessori floor bed for your toddler? Believe in the Montessori approach to child rearing?

This post has tips and images of kids floor beds to help you make your decision!

Today’s post is all about one hot topic–floor beds for babies & toddlers!

There is one thing all parents have in common. The inevitable switch from a crib to “big kid” bed!

It’s a big milestone in baby’s (and parents’) life, and with that, comes questions about what bed is best for your growing child.

So, today, we are going to talk all about Montessori floor beds! Hopefully this post will guide you into making the best decision for your little one.

floor bed

get this floor bed

What Is the Purpose of a Floor Bed?

There are several purposes of a floor bed but, in short, proponents argue that a floor bed gives your baby or toddler autonomy and enables them to strengthen their budding independence.

If you believe this, too, you may be a fan of the Montessori method of child rearing.

We will talk a lot more about Montessori beliefs further down in this post.

Floor Beds for Toddlers

Everyone has a different idea on when it’s best to transition to a “big kid” bed.

Some people start earlier than most, however, and utilize a floor bed for baby.

Whether you do that, or wait until they’re a little older, there are many benefits of a Montessori bed.

In short, as mentioned above, a floor bed is thought to allow children to exercise independence and follow their natural cues where sleep hygiene is concerned.

While researching floor beds for your kids, please remember to check with your pediatrician for their suggestions and guidelines before doing so.

floor beds

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Montessori Floor Beds

Low beds, or kids floor beds, are a concept created by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. 

The Montessori method centers on a child’s innate ability to initiate her own learning within a prepared environment.

Many people have questions about the Montessori Floor Beds. Hopefully the ideas in this post will help.

A floor bed also promotes a child’s freedom of movement. Children are not confined. They are free to move and to get in and out of bed.

This helps promote a child’s independence and freedom to explore, both of which are central to the Montessori method.

What age are floor beds for?

We usually recommend transitioning to a floor bed somewhere between 2 and 3 years.

Typically parents start to think about this when their little one begins climbing out of their crib or generally show that they are craving their own independence.

For us it was a lot more cut and dry than that. I was pregnant with our second baby, and although our first would only be 16 months old when she came, I wasn’t about to buy another crib!

After much research I came across this idea of a floor bed  and I am so thankful I did.

From that moment on I wondered why anyone did anything other than a crib to floor bed transition! After a year in her floor bed I can honestly say the idea is genius.

Benefits of a floor bed for toddlers

1. The first benefit of a Montessori floor bed for toddlers is probably the most obvious of reasons. One of the first worries you have as a parent is his or her child rolling out of bed after transitioning them out of a crib.

This is something you don’t have to stress about with a floor bed because even if they do roll of, it’s not much of a fall at all!

2. Probably the second biggest concern I hear is that they won’t ever fall asleep or stay in bed. And honestly, that’s a concern with any bed but a floor bed almost encourages them to get up and move around BUT that’s not a bad thing!

The idea of a floor bed stems from Maria Montessori’s way of thinking which stresses independence and freedom for the child within limits. You can read more about those specifics HERE.

So yes, they may get out of bed and wander around the room (which is why it’s so important to baby proof the room first) but this is what they’re supposed to do!

They may take longer to fall asleep at first, or they may fall asleep on the floor for the first few attempts but eventually they WILL fall asleep and they WILL stay in bed.

How long that takes varies per child. This is all part of their natural development that teaches them their own sleep cues and boundaries.

floor bed

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

3. This option can be a much cheaper option than buying a whole new bed. You can make things super cheap and simply put a mattress on the floor and just like that, you have a floor bed. Or you can get creative and make one which is still a money saving idea.

4. Their newfound independence will surely be your morning’s savior! Instead of crying from their crib, or crying to get down from bed, they will be freely able to explore and play in their bedroom.

This independent play is not only good for them but also GREAT for the tired parents! I can get a solid 30 minutes extra in the mornings by not needing to go grab her right away.

5. Their bed becomes an inviting place where they are eager to go. Not only just for sleep but for relaxing too. I can’t tell you the amount of times my two year old has been found just sitting on her bed with all her stuffed animals close by reading a book.

She LOVES her floor bed and it’s not a place she dreads being. This also helps when it is time to sleep because she is happy to crawl into bed and get some rest.

As she grows, her bed will always be accessible and her own little hang out space. I will also never have to ease her fears of monsters under the bed because that would simply be impossible (kidding, kind of!)

There are so many possibilities when it comes to floor beds and you can truly do as much or as little aesthetically as you want!

How Safe are Floor Beds?

Floor bed safety is an important topic, and one that should be discussed with your child’s pediatrician before making any changes to your child’s sleeping situation.

Here are some additional tips for making a floor bed as safe as possible:

Make sure to position the mattress away from walls or furniture, preferably in the center of the roo.

This is because your child doesn’t get trapped against a wall if they roll off their bed.

Be sure to remove any choking or other potentially dangerous toys from the room.

Be sure to secure the bed to the walls (just like with all furniture). Cover electrical outlets, and remove all choking hazards.

Think about making the outside of the room safe, as well, including safety measures such as installing safety gates (if there are stairs in the home).

How to Make a Floor Bed

Here are just a few ideas for a kids floor bed frame you can easily put together yourself.

Creating your own floor bed space doesn’t require a lot. A simple mattress or sleeping mat is usually more than adequate.

These ideas are inexpensive, easy and portable! Let’s get started…

Mattress on the floor

The Japanese futon trend is one that’s here to stay. It’s been popular overseas for years, and now has finally made a name for itself in the West.

It’s a great way to make the most of your home or office, and allows even the smallest of spaces to be multifunctional.

Japanese futons are uniquely designed to be folded up and stored away during the day.

This leaves plenty of room for other activities to take place in the space during the day.

Floor Sleeping Mat

A floor sleeping mat is very similar to a Japanese futon and is an easy and super affordable floor bed option.

They range anywhere from $30, to up in the hundreds of dollars.

Be sure to read reviews before purchasing to find one to fit your needs.

Trundle Bed Frame

Buy a trundle bed frame and take off the trundle wheels:

floor beds toddlers

image via Oh Happy Play 

(I adore the teepee trend–here’s one of my favorite finds!)

Guest Bed Ideas

Floor beds also make great guest bed ideas!

They’re an affordable and portable option that are great for guests and sleepovers.

guest bed ideas

Floor Bed for Adults

Obviously, we’ve been talking mainly about kids and babies in this post, but a floor bed for adults is a trending idea that is here to stay!

You can use any of the above methods (Japanese futon, mattress on floor, etc) and save space and money in your own bedroom.


If you want an independent child who doesn’t look at bedtime as a bad thing, then a floor bed is right for you!

I hope you enjoyed this read all about floor beds and let us know what you think below!

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Thanks so much for reading all about the benefits of floor beds for toddlers. Have a great day!

Hello! I am Noelle of Oh Happy Play your one stop sport for all things KIDspiration. I hope you enjoy these floor beds for toddlers! For more montessori themed rooms and floor bed inspirations please check out my blog!

I am the mama to two little girls, 16 months apart. Being their mother has taught me so much and they are the reason I was inspired to create this blog. Through them I have been taken on this journey through motherhood and I’m excited to take you along with me. 


Thursday 30th of September 2021

@Janet, I'm Susan team as well. I've been using this book and it worked perfectly. We've done it at 18 months exactly and it was a good timing I think. But I got into Montessori ideas lately and I'm thinking about changing the bed to the mattress now...


Monday 30th of August 2021

@Helena, I've read the same book, I love Susan's books! I am also preparing for the transition soon and thinking about the mattress but not sure yet.

Margaret Jones

Monday 29th of April 2019

Wish I could find the article about how much moisture - heat comes from our bodies each night. We need the air space under beds to dissipate that potentially mold inducing body byproduct. Old wooden floors can harbor such mold, and by placing a mattress on those floors, no chance for air circulation. Bed rails or a toddler bed off the floor...seems like the healthier way to go.


Sunday 8th of July 2018

Hello! I have a 12 month old and another one due in December. My two will be 17 months apart. I don’t want to buy another crib and was planning on putting my son in a floor bed and using the crib for the new baby. Is it too early to try now you think? Also do you keep the bedroom door closed or open? It gives me hope to know you did it with yours only being 16 months. Can you walk through your night time routine then? Do you lay baby in bed and walk away hoping they will stay in bed? I would love some more advice on all of it!


Tuesday 10th of July 2018

Thanks for leaving a comment! This guest post was written by Noelle (Oh Happy Day), there's a link to her blog at the top of the post. She may be the best one to ask, as she's gone through this herself! Best of luck, Megan!!!

maureen S

Saturday 16th of July 2016

Must be in Florida. Way too cold to sleep on the floor in my house. Good Lord.