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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your
Best Friend: Your Daughter

Since the beginning of time, a special connection, a bond, exists between mothers and their daughters. It is unconditional. Time and distance do not matter when it comes to being there for one another. And what better way to bring them together than the joyful holiday of Christmas? 

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your daughter this holiday season, look no more! Here are fifteen gift ideas you can consider to give your precious on Christmas. 

  1.  Beauty & Salon Products

If your daughter is big on taking good care of her skin and make-up savvy, give her a gift from her favorite brands of moisturizing creams, lotions, a new lipstick shade, or the whole cosmetics kit. 

Typically, in cases of make-up such as foundation, concealer, and such, it has to be perfect according to the user’s skin tone. So, if you’re unsure which tone will be good for her, get her a gift certificate so she can choose by herself. 

You can also get gift certificates from her favorite salon or spa to give her a day or two worth of relaxation. 

If your daughter is underage but loves make-up, several cosmetic products are available just for her. They are skin-friendly and come off easily too.

  1.  Clothing

A new cardigan, sweater, or jacket would also make a lovely Christmas present for your daughter. There are a lot of designs to choose from, and if you still don’t like any, you can always go for custom-made ones. 

Apart from that, party outfits and gowns are also available – from velvet, sequined to knitted styles, if your daughter’s planning to go to a party on Christmas! 

  1. A New Bike

If your daughter loves riding bikes, maybe it’s time to get her a new road bike and send her off on a bikepacking adventure. You can get one, too, to enjoy quality time together. 

  1. Scented Candles

After a long day at work or school, who wouldn’t want to come home, light up some candles and relax? Lavender, jasmine, and chamomile have great relaxing properties, but you can never go wrong with vanilla-scented ones if you’re unsure about the fragrance. These would go well paired with bath products mentioned in the next point.

  1.  Bath Products

Shower gels, bath bombs, essential oils, scented soaps, and candles, all come together in a beautiful basket. A useful present for your teenager, stay-at-home mom, or workaholic daughter. 

  1.  Bedspreads, Curtains and Covers

Bedsheets, curtains, and cushion covers are always appreciated. You can give her room a complete makeover if she lives with you. If she lives separately, she’ll be able to change the look of her home whenever she wants. 

  1.  Wireless Photo Mini Printer

Your girl will love this mini photo printer regardless of age. She can print her favorite pictures on the go and paste them in her journal, diary, or maybe put them on the fridge. 

Another idea is to get her a vinyl printer that prints vinyl stickers. If she loves stickers and wants her very own designs, she can use them whenever she wants.

  1.  Chocolates & Candy

There is no age restriction or limitations when it comes to chocolates. You can get your munchkin a box of milk chocolates or a variety of other toppings on the chocolates, such as nuts, prunes, dates, and so on. 

Candies, toffees, marshmallows, and even jelly are delectable to chew on while working, cleaning or reading a book. With every bite, she’ll be reminded of you, which’ll bring a smile to her face. That’s the goal, isn’t it? 

  1.  PJ Sets

Pajama sets, especially silky ones, can help your daughter to sleep comfortably. If she desperately needs sleep, this would make the perfect gift. You can also purchase matching PJ sets for the whole family to wake up in on Christmas morning.

  1.  Kitchen & Bakery Utensils

If your daughter lives separately, she might need some utensils that can come in handy—for instance, a juicer, blender, non-stick cookware, or new crockeries. 

For your teens and teen adults, you can give her baking dishes, trays, or molds if she loves to bake. You can also prepare desserts and other lovely treats together using those new items for Christmas desserts.

  1. Jewelry

Customized jewelry is all the rage among mothers and daughters to give as a Christmas present. You can also pick various designs of pendants for necklaces or give bracelets. 

Another great idea is to give your daughter jewelry that’s embedded with her birthstone. Ruby, sapphire, diamond, or emerald are unique, thoughtful, and wonderful for your equally beautiful daughter.

Plus, you can find plenty of affordable lab diamond rings that are just as beautiful.

  1. Bags or Clutches

Whether big or small, women love bags and can’t have enough. A shoulder weekend bag for a small getaway, a sling bag, or a clutch for a party are all great options for your daughter.  

  1. A New Phone

Smartphones are changing every day, adding new features and updates. If your daughter needs a new phone, what better way to give it to her than as a present for Christmas. It’s the most popular gift choice for teens and adults alike.

  1. Vacation Tickets

No one will ever say no to these! For Vacation to tropical islands or to mountainous, hilly areas, a week-long round-trip ticket would be the perfect gift. Provide two tickets if she plans to invite a partner or a friend along with her.  

Additionally, since it’s Christmas, you can take your family to a destination and spend the Christmas holidays together. Or you can make it a mother-daughter duo trip so you can bond.

  1. Board Games

Who doesn’t love board games? Especially when it’s the holiday season and you have all that time with your family. Gift her board games or any games of her choice and play along with the entire family. 

Bottom Line

Christmas is right around the corner! You may be racking your brains to come up with the best gift, but somehow, you’re left with nothing Which is why we are here to help you consider the best gift option for your daughter.

Daughters can be choosy, but they are very simple. Just hang around them a week before Christmas, and let you know what they need. Once you find out, everything else becomes easy. Happy Christmas!