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18 Crafts to Spruce up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often the toughest room to decorate or redesign due to all the little features and appliances. All of these can cost you a lot of money, so keep them protected with homeowners insurance. You would be surprised at how expensive cabinets can be. Instead, you can check out these 18 affordable craft ideas for your kitchen that get just as many presentation points as a renovated kitchen would.

Pass on Tile Backsplashes 

Tiles are great, but buying them in bulk can take a toll on your wallet. Attractive wallpaper is the cheaper alternative. You can get more patterns on paper than you can on tiles. 

Give Floral Patterns a Chance

Floral wallpaper patterns in the kitchen have a habit of making things with solid colors pop. In juxtaposition to the more solid cabinets and storage space, floral wallpapers fit nicely. 

How About Wood Grain?

Wood grain walls in the kitchen give it that classic farmhouse feel. Wood is relatively cheap, and you have the ability to hang more on wood walls. 

Utilize Art 

If you already have some artwork that can be hung, see how it fits in the kitchen. Give the room a geometric or asymmetrical POV. 

Use More Than One Texture

Different materials don’t clash but rather complement each other. People often hang baskets on their walls to add more texture variety without tearing down any walls. 

Display Ingredients 

Ingredients like sugar, spices, nuts, or even sprinkles look great in jars. The texture of particles is attractive. Keeping your dry ingredients in labeled jars saves you on storage space and looks great on shelves. 

Display Dinnerware 

You may find some plates and cups too nice to keep in storage. Like the ingredients, you can integrate them into your kitchen’s interior design. On a shelf or counter, they can help tie the room together. 

Do a Little Art Gallery on a Wall

Going back to the art pieces you have, you can focus them all on one wall like a gallery. Whatever you have -prints, paintings, or abstracts can give a kitchen a theme.

Get Cooking Utensil Hanging Racks

Hanging your pots and pans is another way to give your home the old-timey kitchen feel. You can get hanging rods for much less than new storage space. 

Organize Items by Height

This is especially a good idea if you have a high ceiling. Items on counters and shelves should be organized by height, with the tallest items on the top shelves and the more compact ones on the bottom shelf. 

Decorate With Cookbooks 

Libraries are in an interior design category of their own. All those books look great. You can have a similar effect in your kitchen with your cookbooks on display.

Mix Colors

When it comes to your main countertop, you don’t want it to be the same color as the rest of your kitchen. You can afford to get creative as you try to find the color combination that works best for you. 

Get Bold Tiles 

If you do plan on retiling your kitchen, then go with bolder pattern ones. They will get you more bang for your buck. These tiled spaces don’t have to be entire backsplashes either. 

Shape Your Backsplash 

Explore shapes when decorating your kitchen. The backsplash, if you plan to tile it, will benefit greatly from being shaped.

Make it Darker 

Lots of kitchens are usually light, but you can use dark blues to take the roads less traveled to give it whole new energy. 

Make it Monochrome

Inversely, you can make your kitchen a lighter shade to compliment your white cabinets, tables, and appliances. This is a more modern look.

Color Your Cabinets

A neat trick is painting your upper cabinets a lighter shade while keeping the lower ones more neutral. You can match the fixtures and handles without buying any new ones, which can be pricey.