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A Comprehensible Guide to Custom Printed Packing Tape Design

Having trouble figuring out which packing tape is right for your business? Check our simple guide to learn more about them here! 

When it comes to packing tape, there’s no shortage of room for customization. From choosing one or more colors to an endless potential for design, you can now make your brand pop and attract more customers! 

Usually, businesses use their logo on the tape, and this is an excellent option. However, it can also be a bit simple as well. The key is to catch the eye of the customer who’ll come across your box.  

With increasing demand and online competition, it’s essential to let your brand gain recognition and increase rates of retention. So if that’s what’s on your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive guide will help provide you with an abundance of information regarding packing tape. Let’s get right to it!

What Is Packing Tape Made of?

To start off, everybody needs packing tape at some point in their lives, especially those who are in the product shipping business. And thanks to the power of customization, there are a ton of options now available for those who want to bring out their individuality. 

These adhesive tapes are the easiest to use, and they’re exceptionally versatile as well. You have the option to customize the colors and designs. 

This addition of customization really adds uniqueness to the tape. There are many ways you can get your own custom packing tape, so make sure to do your research thoroughly before settling for anything! 

There are two common types of packing tape that businesses use, and each has its own distinct printing capabilities and textures. Let’s learn more about them. 

Poly Packing Tape

Poly packing tape is made from either thermoplastic polymer polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride, aka PVC. While the polythene tape is slightly thinner and more environmentally friendly, PVC is more popular. 

They’re also popular because of their durability, resistance to dirt, wide range of colors, and affordability. The standard width is two inches, and they can easily hold over 25 pounds of pressure. You can also use a normal tape dispenser as well! 

Single-Color Design on Clear Base

On a clear backdrop, patterned designs can look like they’re floating. It’s a common choice many businesses use as it gives the top of your box a unique look. 

Single-Color Design, Reversed Out on Clear Base

If you’re going for a single design that’s reversed on a clear base, then the color of your box will show through it. It’s a simple aesthetic, but it adds a bit of an unexpected flair.

Single-Color Design, Reversed Out on White Base 

Reverse printing is highly popular and rightly so. For those who are confused, reversed printing means that instead of just printing the positive parts of your design, you’ll also print the negatives (as in the background) as well. 

Starting off with a white base will help make the colors look saturated and vibrant. 

Two-Color Design On White Base

When using a two-color design with a background, your tape will most likely start with a white base. You can never really go wrong with using a white base. It makes the colors on your background pop.

Gummed Paper Tapes

Made from recycled paper, gummed paper tape allows you to print your design on top of a kraft or white base. It’s three inches wide and uses a water-activated adhesive, which means you’ll be needing a special dispenser for it. 

For businesses that handle heavy shipping, the gummed tape can be reinforced with fiberglass threads. This will not only keep the tape in place but also add a certain texture to it as well. Keep in mind that this reinforced tape is good for packages that weigh over 30 pounds.  

Here are a few types of design that you can use with gummed paper tape:

Single-Color Design on Kraft or White Base

Considered to be a crowd favorite, it’s no secret that white or kraft base is the most common choice for many. However, keep in mind that if you’re using lighter inks, then chances are the kraft color might show through. 

If that’s a problem, then going for the bleed patterns may be the right option for you. The only drawback is that the tape may have a margin on one side of it. 

Similar to packing tape, a white base can be a great choice to start with. It can really make your print color look not only more vibrant but also bold too. 

Single-Color on Reinforced Kraft or White Base

The threads in a gummed tape (reinforced) help to add textures. So using one single color won’t hamper the clarity of a design in any way at all. Unless, of course, you’re printing with hairline graphics. 

On a white base, the gummed tape can create a bit of an optical illusion. This makes the design look like it’s reversed out, but in reality, it’s just kraft-colored ink on a white base. 

This is also considered to be a more affordable option than actually using reverse printing. And based on your design, it can also help to give you a better quality of the print! 

Keep in mind that the regular white tape (gummed) is made on white paper, but the reinforced white tape is made on kraft paper stock using white ink. Use a slightly less white background if your tape has a reinforced style. 

Single-Color Design, Reversed on Kraft Base

Speaking of reverse printing, did you know that it has the power to give the illusion that your design is part of the box? That’s right; if you use reversed printing on a kraft base, your tape will have an interesting look. 

Two-Color Design on White Base

As is the case with poly packing tape, two-color gummed tapes always start with a white base. This helps to make the colors pop out more and look very vibrant. 

If you want color accuracy, then it’s best to go for a lighter color as your background. 

Single Color, Full Bleed on White Base

Finally, if you’re looking for a single or solid color tape, then luckily you have a few stock options at your disposal. You also have the option of going for a custom job if that piques your interest. 

Many businesses just choose a Pantone swatch and flood coat for the strip to get that minimalistic look. It makes their branding look appealing to the eyes as well as smart. 

Final Thoughts    

In conclusion, we’d like to say that there are many creative ways to get your packaging tape to stand out. All you have to do is give it some thought.

Also, going for a custom printed tape can bring visibility to your brand or business. This is a blind spot not many companies are taking advantage of, but you can. 

After all, if your package stands out, your customers will view you more as a professional. They will also remember the experience as well, which is what matters the most!