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Best Heat Transfer Vinyl : What is Heat Transfer Vinyl and How Do I Use It?

What if you could get a heat transfer vinyl to do your work for you? It’s true!

Heat transfer vinyl is the new craze in the industry, and it can be used with an iron or heat press machine. You’ll save so much time on projects like t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, mugs…anything that needs some lettering.

We’ve already talked here about the best vinyl for cricut. I’m excited to share with you all about this other cutting machine staple!

Let’s talk about what heat transfer vinyl is and how to use it effectively.

What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Heat transfer vinyl is just the name of a product that can be used for heat pressing onto different surfaces.

It comes in many colors, designs, and types to best fit your project.

You simply lay down the HTV on top of what you want it applied to (like t-shirts), iron it on with a heat press machine, peel off the heat transfer vinyl, and you’re done! You’ve created a beautiful design in seconds.

What Can You Use Heat Transfer Vinyl For?

As heat transfer vinyl is becoming more popular, it’s being used for many different projects.

Some examples are t-shirts, hats, mugs…anything that needs some lettering or a design on them. You can lay heat transfer vinyl over any color shirt to make the best-looking designs ever!

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How To Use Heat Transfer Vinyl?

heat press machine

Heat transfer vinyl is easy to use. You can find heat press machines on Amazon for under $200, and many of them come with heat transfer vinyl sheets!

To start, make sure you’re using a heat press machine (not an iron). Next, lay the heat transfer vinyl sheet over your project where you want it applied.

Make sure your heat press machine is at the highest heat setting and set it for 30 seconds (or more if needed). When you’re done, just peel off the heat transfer vinyl sheet to reveal beautiful lettering!

Is HTV the Same as Iron-On Vinyl?

No, heat transfer vinyl and iron-on vinyl are not the same. You can use heat press machines for HTV (like we just talked about) but you cannot use an iron to apply heat transfer vinyl! They both have different uses and guidelines.

Iron-On Vinyl is made of a thinner material than heat transfer vinyl sheets so it’s easier to cut and heat press onto a variety of surfaces. It is not as heat resistant so it will melt with the heat from an iron if you don’t use a heat press machine!

What Heat Transfer Vinyl is Best?

If you’re wondering what HTV is best for you, we have a few suggestions for your project.

HTV comes in different thicknesses like normal heat transfer vinyl sheets (0.25mm), medium weight heat transfer vinyl (0.35mm), and heavy-duty heat transfer vinyl (0.50mm).

We recommend using heat transfer vinyl as thin as possible so it will be easy to heat press onto your project and you’ll save money on heat transfer vinyl.

However, if you’re heat pressing onto a thick project like mugs or sweatshirts, you’ll need to use heat transfer vinyl sheets that are thicker than normal.

Other Helpful Tips for Heat Transfer Vinyl:

  • Make sure your heat press machine is set at the highest heat setting and does not move while it’s heating up!
  • Make sure heat transfer vinyl is applied to a heat-resistant surface like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs.
  • Clean the heat press machine with rubbing alcohol after you use it so your heat transfer vinyl will stick better next time.

What Color HTV is Best?

It’s all about personal preference!

You can buy heat transfer vinyl in almost any color including matte, satin, glittery gold, and more. If you want a custom heat press machine, many of them come with heat transfer vinyl sheets already included so the possibilities are endless!

What is the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts?

siser easyweed

Now, we can move on to different types of heat transfer vinyl for t-shirts!

There are many options out there; here’s a list of some top brands:

Siser Easyweed HTV : Easy to use, EasyWeed is perfect for your personalization projects. It doesn’t lift during weeding, it can be applied at a lower temperature than other materials, and the backing can be peeled hot or cold.

It is also thinner than other materials and offers a one-second tack application that’s great for multiple layers, so you can easily layer thissheet with other heat transfer sheets to create one of a kind patterns and designs.

Octago Screen Printing Film and Paper: Great for beginners, this Screen Printing Transparency Film has an upgraded coating specially designed for silkscreen prints and stencils.

Tru-Iron on Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric– This is our pick for tranfering text, images, photos and pictures onto black and dark color 100% cotton or poly cotton blend fabrics.

Their advanced and unique formula claims that the transfers stay vibrant, soft and durable, meaning no peeling, no cracking and no fading even after 30 washes.

What is the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for Cricut?

Different types of HTV work differently on different machines.

For example, a thick vinyl for an industrial machine will not be compatible with a home Cricut Maker machine.

Here are the top three brands to consider when purchasing heat transfer vinyl designed specifically for use in your cutter:

Heat Transfer Vinyl for Cricut: Siser Easy Weed HTV

Siser has been a long-time staple in the craft industry. Their reputation is built on their high-quality products that are always at an affordable price point.

The best-selling HTV from Siser is their Siser Easyweed line. This is a thick HTV that has been used by crafters for years. It’s our go-to choice for all cutting machine projects.

It can be cut on most home machines and it sticks to many different types of fabric, including cotton and polyester. However, the Siser Easyweed line only comes in 12” rolls which means that you will have to do multiple runs if you are covering more than one shirt.

Heat Transfer Vinyl for Cricut: Oracal HTV

Another popular choice is the two-pack of heat transfer vinyl from Orafol/Oracal.

This thicker material can be used on home machines but it may require you to use a larger blade and multiple passes if you are cutting with a Cricut Explore or a home outdated machine.

The Oracal HTV is sold in 12”, 24”, and 36” rolls which means that you will not need to do multiple cuts if you are only cutting one shirt at a time. It also works well with different fabrics including cotton, polyester, nylon, and wool.

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What is the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl on Amazon?

The best-selling heat transfer vinyl on Amazon is the two-pack of Siser Easyweed from Siser. Customers praise this product because it works well with a variety of fabrics and it cuts smoothly in most home machines. It also has an affordable price point compared to other HTV options.

Can Heat Transfer Vinyl Be Used on Glass?

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is typically made out of polyurethane which makes it hydrophobic. This means that it will not stick to wet surfaces, including glass or ceramic mugs.

The best option for sticking HTV onto a glass surface is by using the Oracal HTV adhesion sheet. It sticks to glass and mugs but can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

What is the best Heat Transfer Vinyl for Glass?

The best heat transfer vinyl for sticking onto a glass surface is by using the Oracal HTV adhesion sheet. It sticks well with different fabrics while also being able to stick onto wet surfaces like glass. It can be removed without leaving any residue.

So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to take advantage of the many benefits that come with using these vinyl products by investing in a few rolls for all your Cricut crafts.

You’ll be glad you did! Your home décor project is easier than ever with HTV.

We can help you create beautiful designs that are not only durable but also easy to apply and affordable. 

Thanks so much for reading all about our picks for Heat Transfer Vinyl : What is HTV and How Do I Use It?

Have a great day!

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