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Brewery Games (The Best Outdoor Bar Games & Beer Games to Play)

Looking for some fun brewery games to try? Today, we’re sharing the best outdoor bar games and beer games to play!

Looking for a way to spice up your parties? Try one of these popular drinking games!

You’ll have so much fun and the time will fly by! Like our picnic game ideas, these brewery games are great for a crowd and perfect to play outdoors.

Best Brewery Games

brewery games
Photo by Matthias Groeneveld from Pexels

Flip Cup

Game Type: Team Sport
What You’ll Need: Plastic beer cups, table, beer
Recommended Amount of Players: Even number 4+

Setting Up: Each team lines up shoulder to shoulder next to their teammates along the side of a table so that each player is facing a member of the opposing team.

Each player stands with a plastic beer cup in front of them, and each cup needs to be equally as full as the one across from them.

How It’s Played: When the game begins, two players who are across from each other at one end of the table begin drinking as fast as they can.

When their cup is empty, they have to place it down on the table so that the base is hanging off the edge. Then, in order to commence their teammate’s turn, they must flip the cup using only their fingers so that the cup lands upside down on the table.

Once their cup has successfully landed upside down, the teammate next to them can begin drinking. Whichever team has all of their their cups flipped first, wins.

Tips: Choose your teams carefully, and practice flipping empty cups in the off-season.

Screw You!

Game Type: Trust and Betrayal
What You’ll Need: A deck of cards, beer, friends who don’t take things personally.
Recommended Amount of Players: 4+

Setting Up: Divide the deck so that each player is holding roughly the same amount of cards.

How It’s Played: In the first round a player is randomly selected to put a card down.

As they put down the card, they say “screw you,” followed by the name of someone in the circle. This is the person that will have to drink unless somebody saves them. If anyone in the circle (including the current victim) is holding a card that pairs with the one already played, they can play the matching card and say, “no, screw you” and add the name of another player.

At the end of each round, whoever was screwed last has to drink.

When all four of the same cards have been played, or a card has been played and nobody has decided to save the victim, the round is over, and the victim of that round then has to drink.

Once they have finished drinking they get to play the first card of the next round.

The Drinking: In this game, the players around the circle determine the amount of time that the loser of the round has to spend drinking.

Starting with the person who played the card that screwed the victim, the players go in a circle counting up until they reach the number on the card that got the drinker screwed (jack is a count of 11, queen is 12, king is 13).

Players can count as quickly or as slowly as they want, however, should the loser of the round finish their drink before the number has been reached, the person who was responsible for saying the next number has to finish their drink as well.

Tips: What goes around comes around.

*Please note that the original game title has been changed due to profanity.
brewery games
Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

Kings Cup

Game Type: Drunken 52 pick-up
What You’ll Need: A deck of cards, beer, designated King’s Cup (can be any cup).
Recommended Amount of Players: 3+

Setting Up: Place the King’s Cup upside down in the middle of a table, and spread the deck of cards faced down encircling the cup.

How Its Played: One at a time each player picks up one of the face down cards around the kings cup. Each card corresponds with an action, which is listed below.

When the turn is over, the card is placed face down on the king’s cup. If a player knocks over the pile of cards on the king’s cup while trying to place a card on top, they have to finish their drink, and the cards are once again spread out around the cup.

What Each Card Means: (Please note that the rules found below are just one of the many interpretations of the game, and creative variations are always welcome.)

Ace: Everybody Drinks

Two: You

Pick another player to drink

Three: Me

The player who draws this card has to drink

Four: Whores

All the women have to drink

Five: Categories

Name a category, and in immediate succession each person around the circle has to say something that fits within that category. The circle continues until somebody fails to come up with something that fits, and then they have to drink

Six: Dicks

All the men have to drink

Seven: Thumb Master

Whoever draws this card is given the title of “Thumb Master” and holds that responsibility until another seven has been drawn. At any point in the game the thumb master can put their thumb on the edge of the table. The last person to imitate this action has to drink. The Thumb Master is not limited in the amount of times they can use this power.

Eight: Never Have I Ever

Say something outrageous that you have truthfully never done. If anyone at the table has done what you said, they must drink.

Nine: Rhyme Time

Whoever draws this card says a word, and going around the circle everyone has to say a word that rhymes. First person who fails to come up with a rhyme drinks.

Ten: Waterfall

The person who draws this card starts drinking. As soon as they begin the person to their left begins drinking as well. Nobody can stop drinking until the person to their right has stopped.

Jack: Rule

Make a rule for the game.

Queen: Question

The person who draws this card says a question. The person next to them must respond with another question, continuing around the circle. First person to say something that isn’t in the form of a question must drink.

King: Pick a player to finish their drink

Tips: Be creative

Beer Pong

This game is a classic and while most people associate this game with frat parties and teens it actually still holds up for an older generation. You will need six to ten cups for each side filled 1/4-1/2 way with beer and a ping pong ball.

The cups are arranged in a triangle shape pointing towards the opposing team at the other end of the table.

Teams take turns trying to get the ball in the other teams cup, who must drink the cup that the ball landed in.

You can add as many or few rules as you like such as allowing the rearrangement of remaining cups, blocking shots, and special shots like behind the back counting for more than one cup.

If beer seems too soft for your taste try this game with liquor instead for an entirely new game.

All of these activities require minimal props and do not require driving in any way, shape, or form (never, never, NEVER drink and drive).

Thanks so much for reading about our favorite Brewery Games (The Best Outdoor Bar Games & Beer Games to Play).

Have a great day!