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Car Games for Kids {Free Printable Road Trip Games & Ideas}

Sharing some favorite car games printables for kids! Keep the young ones occupied on car trips with these free printable car games!

Family road trips (especially ones featuring fun car games!) are the perfect way to create lasting memories with your children. Whether you’re going an hour down the road to a neighboring city or on a grand cross-country adventure, road trips allow time for bonding with your family and experiencing the joys of travel together.

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Taking the kids on a road trip is always a great idea, but sometimes you’ll need a bit of extra help to keep them entertained throughout the whole drive. After all, there’s only so much time a six year-old can sit in a car seat without getting bored!

Luckily, there’s many car games you and your children can do on the ride to stay busy, have fun and learn some new things! The folks at The Zebra put together a list of free road trip printables that provide great games and activities for the littles, as well as preparation and planning materials for you!

Included in these adorable printable car games are original games like the License Plate Game (an excellent way to learn geography), a road-trip themed word search and mad libs, and a game that will have your kids glued to the window looking for cows!

For parents, there are printables for packing, car maintenance checklists, information sheets and emergency contact lists. Everything you need to have the best road trip ever is in these printables, so be sure to take them on your next fun trip!

Printable Travel Games for Kids

Keeping the kids entertained on road trips is often a challenge, so we’ve put together a list of printable games and activities to keep them busy for hours on end!


The popular card game is known for its fast-paced and competitive one on one gameplay. At Cribbage Online, players can print out a paper version of the cribbage board as well as play the game online, which can be ideal for road trips.

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License Plate Game – Spot a license plate for all 50 states (bonus points for Hawaii)! Color in each state as you find its plate and see who can get the most! This game is great for school-aged children: it will keep them off their electronic devices, engaged in the drive, and learning geography at the same time! Download it here!

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Picture Clue I Spy – Here’s a fun twist on a classic game, perfect for toddlers and young children. Print out the picture sheets before your trip and have your child color in the picture as they see it on the drive! For example, when you pass a farm, they can color in the cow! Download it here!

car games for kids 4

“My Cows!” – Driving through the countryside? Chances are, you drive by fields and fields of cattle. Every time you see a group of cows, yell out “my cows!” Keep track of how many herds of cattle you have and see who can get the most! But watch out – if you drive over a bridge, the first one to say “no more cows” can keep theirs, but everyone else loses all their cows! Download it here!

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Road Trip Word Search – For your avid young reader, word searches are a great way to pass the time. See how many of these 15 words your child can find! Download it here!

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Road Trip Fill-In-The-Blank – Everyone loves a good game of Mad-Libs! This fun fill-in-the-blank is vacation-themed and will help your child practice the parts of speech and be silly at the same time. How crazy can your story get? Download it here!

Travel Planning Printables

Before leaving the house, it’s important to be prepared for every aspect of the trip. The following printable checklists can help you plan your journey, keep track of important information, and pack everything you need.

Safety First Checklist – Use this checklist to ensure you have all the emergency supplies you need while on the road. From first aid kit supplies to snacks, this list will help you prepare for anything on your trip. Download all the Travel Planning Printables here.

Emergency Contact Sheet – One of the best ways to be safe on a road trip is to let people know where you’re going, when you’ll get there, and when you’ll be back. Use this sheet to keep track of contacts to use in emergencies, like friends, family, and emergency services. If possible, provide contacts in the locations to which you’ll be traveling. Download all the Travel Planning Printables here.

Accommodations Information Sheet – This fill-out sheet is handy for keeping important accommodations information at your fingertips. Jot down names, phone numbers, and locations for each hotel on your journey before setting out and you’ll never need to worry about where to spend the night. Download all the Travel Planning Printables here.

Car Preparation Checklist – Getting your car ready for a big trip is one of the most important pre-drive steps. Make sure your car is outfitted with all the essential supplies and that it’s in good working condition before you set out. Download all the Travel Planning Printables here.

Road Trip Packing Checklist – From sunglasses and flip-flops to hand sanitizer and extra toilet paper, this packing checklist has everything you need for your next road trip. You’ll never forget anything again! Download all the Travel Planning Printables here.

Thanks for reading all about our Car Games for Kids {Free Printable Road Trip Games & Ideas}. Have a lovely day!