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Part of the fun of vacations is the anticipation! Make the most of the lead up to your vacation by printing out one of these “countdown to vacation” printables! It’s a fun way to get the kids excited for your adventure!

Sometimes, the anticipation of an event is half the fun! Help build anticipation of your summer vacation with these free Countdown to Vacation free printables! Added bonus? If kids have a visual way to count down the days themselves, they’ll be much less likely to continually ask YOU “how many days left until vacation?”

vacation countdown idea 4 vacation countdown idea 5

I created these Countdown to Vacation printables in three different colorways. Choose your favorite, print out, and tape the wall. These print best at 8×10, and, as you can in several of my images, I backed the printable sign with a sheet of scrapbook paper sized at 9×11.

Add an easy paper chain (your kids can help you make this!) using construction paper or scrapbook paper. For reference, I cut my strips of paper into lengths approximately 1 inch x 9 inch.

You can secure your paper chain with glue sticks, staples, or clear tape (my choice!) I looped a piece of ribbon around the top paper loop and fastened it to the wall beneath the printable sign.

vacation countdown idea

countdown to vacation sign printable 1

vacation countdown idea 2

countdown to vacation sign printable 2

vacation countdown idea 3

countdown to vacation sign printable 3

Our printables are so easy to download and print out. Just follow these steps:

  • Click on the file you’d like to download, and save to your computer.
  • Send to your favorite photo printer to have printed on either matte cardstock or photo glossy paper (at-home printing is, of course, an option, but I find professional printers usually print colors and images more vividly and clearly).
  • These files print best at 8×10.
  • Download, print, and frame!

vacation countdown idea 4


Thanks for reading all about our COUNTDOWN TO VACATION FREE PRINTABLES {A Fun Idea for Kids!}. Have a lovely day!