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crepe paper garland {a tutorial}

When I saw oh happy day’s paper dots garland post last month, I fell in love with the garlands’ simplicity and sweetness.

Varying only slightly on Jordan’s design (I used crepe paper streamers vs. sheets like she did, because that’s what I had on hand), I really liked the end results.

All you need is half an hour, two free hands, and some crepe paper…

Step 1: Take crepe paper in one hand (I used my left), and use your other hand to twist a section approximately 2 inches or so…

Step 2: Move your (left) hand down a couple of inches, again, twist your crepe paper…

Continue twisting until you are happy with the length.

Doesn’t get much easier than that.

(For those who may want to know, the black and white dotted streamers came from Party City.)