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diy valentines {blown away by you}

Looking for easy, non-candy DIY valentines? This post is for you!

diy valentines

Y’all. It’s barely February, and I have my five-year-old’s class valentines DONE. Be impressed, me being this on-top-of-things doesn’t happen very often.

And the best part  is that I can now share my how-to (and printable) with you all!

bubble sticks
printable sheet (see below)
scrapbook paper
washi tape

diy valentines



I was able to get 4 of the tags onto an 8×10 piece of cardstock. Just click below to download, print, and cut!

diy valentines

click here to download

Step 1: Gather your supplies. I cut the printables into rectangles, and then cut out scrapbook paper rectangles half an inch larger.

diy valentines

Step 2: Using double-sided tape, attach the printable rectangle onto a scrapbook paper rectangle. Tape down your bubble wand using washi tape.

I found these bubble wands at Target a few years back. I linked above (in my supply list) to an inexpensive set from amazon.

diy valentines

And that’s it!

diy valentines

Couldn’t. Be. Easier.

Thanks for reading all about my DIY valentines! Have a crafty day!