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DIY glitter gourd {a tutorial}

Hello again, Burlap+Blue readers!! Carrie here, from Dream Green DIY.

First of all, I have to preface by telling you, with immense pride, that the title for this post was dreamed up by none other than my tattoo-armed, fishing-obsessed, metal rock musician husband.

I was sitting at my computer racking my brain for a title to grab your fancy when I turned to him and asked for thoughts. He paused, looked up at the ceiling for a moment and then smiled (almost evily, I might add). “Glitter Gourd,” he said. And so it was…

To make your OWN “Glitter Gourd,” all you need is a pumpkin (I bought a plastic one at our local craft store for 50% off), metallic spray paint, black acryllic paint and a paint brush.

Why plastic? Although I can’t get enough of the real deal this time of year, I also love the idea of something standing the test of time.

By going “faux” on this project, I will be able to pull my golden pumpkin out year after year after year. It also doesn’t hurt that my plastic gourd only cost $7.

For the glittery part of this equation, I turned to one of my very best friends: Valspar quick-drying metallic spray paint. It only took two coats and an overnight stay in the laundry room for drying to turn this clearly fake pumpkin into something clearly spectacular.

But I wasn’t done yet. To finish it off, I decided to paint a bold “Boo” motif on the side using black acrylic paint. First, I free-handed my letters in pencil, and then it was simply a matter of filling in the lines with the black paint.

After giving it one more night to dry completely, I was able to add my new “Glitter Gourd” to the rest of the Halloween troop.

20 days and counting until the main event!

Carrie Waller is a freelance writer and designer living in Lynchburg, Virginia. Her DIY blogging features for Burlap+Blue are available the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. For a real-time rehash of her home renovation projects and other DIY how-to’s, visit her blog at


Thursday 11th of October 2012

Love Valspar paint! It IS the best.