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DIY Mudcloth Pillow Ideas For Your Home

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If you are looking for a fresh start, redecorating your home might be the answer. Luckily there are ways to add some new life to your home without spending a fortune. One cost-effective way to redecorate your home is by creating new throw pillows for your couch or bed.

One of the latest decor trends has been to incorporate mudcloth patterns into the home. This design is centuries old, but there are plenty of modern ways to recreate it. To help you create your own mudcloth design, ApartmentGuide has 2 ways to DIY mudcloth pillows.

In addition to the tutorial below, they offer free printable patterns. Simply print out the designs and follow the instructions below to create your own beautiful mudcloth pillow.

Mudcloth Style Inspiration

mudcloth style inspiration

How to make mudcloth pillows

We’re going to demonstrate two techniques for making your own mudcloth-inspired fabric — tracing and stamping. The tracing method is simple and results in cleaner lines. The stamping method requires a little extra effort and results in a more textured finished product.

To begin, choose your pattern. We’ve created unique mudcloth pattern printables that you can use in both versions of this DIY.

Method 1: The tracing method

This method allows you to be more precise with your design. This version can also be done with multiple colors to match your living room decor. Let’s get started!

photo of materials needed for diy mudcloth pillows

Materials you’ll need:

  • White pillowcase
  • Pillow insert
  • A cutting board
  • Printables
  • Carbon paper
  • Pencil
  • Fabric pen

Step 1. Position your cutting board, pillowcase, carbon paper and printable pattern to trace with a pencil.

photo of someone tracing a mudcloth pattern

Place the cutting board inside the pillowcase to give yourself a hard surface to draw on. Then, place the carbon paper, carbon side or dark side down, onto the pillowcase. Put the printable pattern over the carbon paper with the pattern facing up.

Pressing firmly, but not hard enough to puncture the paper, trace over the pattern. This will transfer the carbon paper to the pillowcase fabric. If your pillowcase is bigger than the printed paper, you can move the pattern around. You can even mix and match patterns column-by-column to create your own design.

If you want your mudcloth-inspired design on both sides of your pillow, repeat on the other side of the pillowcase.

Step 2. Draw over the graphite pattern with a fabric marker.

photo of person drawing mudcloth design with fabric marker

Now that the pattern has been transferred onto the pillowcase, make the design pop by tracing over and filling in with a permanent fabric marker. Let the marker dry according to the directions on the package.

Step 3: Stuff your pillow and style in your apartment.

photo of mudcloth pillow on chair

Use a pillow insert or pillow stuffing to fill your pillow to your desired firmness. Style in your living room as a unique statement piece.

Method 2: The stamping method

For a pattern that will resemble the original mudcloth design, try creating a stamp. This pattern won’t be as precise but will save you time and look just as good.

materials needed to make a diy mudcloth pillow diy

Materials you’ll need:

  • Blue pillowcase
  • Printable patterns
  • Foam sheets
  • Precision knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft wood
  • Fabric paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Wood knobs (optional)

Step 1: Choose your pattern and cut out foam pieces.

person cutting out foam

Decide which patterns you’d like to use on your pillow. Place the printable on top of the foam and trace the shapes with a precision knife to cut them out. You’ll want more than one shape to create repeating patterns for your stamps.

Step 2: Glue foam shapes to craft wood. Add a wooden knob to the opposite side if desired.

person gluing foam onto craft wood

Using a hot glue gun, adhere the foam to a small piece of crafting wood. You can also use children’s building blocks, thick cardboard or anything that makes stamping easier. We used craft wood.

You can use the same shapes on your stamp or mix and match. For more variety, create multiple stamps.

If you want, glue a wooden knob to the back of the stamp to form a handle. This isn’t necessary, but will make to makes it easier to work with the stamps.

Step 3. Paint fabric paint onto the stamp.

person painting foam

Generously paint the foam stamp with fabric paint. Be sure to layer on the paint, otherwise, it will not stick to the pillow as intended.

Step 4. Stamp your pillow.

person stamping a design on a pillow

Place your cutting board under or inside your pillowcase so that you have a hard surface to stamp on. Press down completely on the stamp and hold for ten seconds. Remove the stamp in one quick motion so that the paint doesn’t smear. Repeat until you are happy with your pattern.

gif of someone stamping a pillow

Try using multiple stamps, to create your own unique pillow pattern. Allow one day for your paint to dry before painting the opposite side.

Step 5: Stuff your pillow and add it to your apartment decor!

diy mudcloth pillow on a couch

That’s it! You can now dress up any furniture, whether it be a bed or chair, with your beautifully intricate mudcloth pillow.

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