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the easiest way to stay hydrated this summer

flavor infuser tumbler
The tagline of this blog is “living life creatively,” and some of my favorite posts to write are those where I share ideas for creative living outside of the craft room…living creatively involves so much more than glitter and Mod Podge, when you get right down to it.

And one of those things that I wanted to get more creative with was staying hydrated. Y’all, I’m awful at drinking the recommended zillion ounces of water per day, or whatever the recommendation is. So I was so excited to find this while browsing Amazon the other day.

Yes, I know that flavor infuser water bottles have been around forever, and it’s such a simple trick, but until I started using one I had no idea how much more water I’d drink because of it.

stay hydrated
The magic is in this infuser basket. Fill it with the fruits, herbs, or tea of your choice, and insert it into the bottle. My favorite combination so far is lime and cucumber-makes me feel like I’m at a fancy day spa:)  The purpose of the basket, in my opinion, is two-fold.

One-you can easily remove and discard your flavorings once they’ve been in too long and start to get icky. Second-it helps keep pulp and seeds out of your water.

staying hydrated tips
I’d love to know if you guys use one of these–and what flavor combinations YOU love! I’ll do a second post soon and share some easy flavoring ideas/inspiration. Thanks for reading!

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