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easy flower arranging with grocery store greenery

Grocery stores aren’t particularly known for their floral-arranging prowess, but, with a little creativity, you can easily take a simple bouquet and turn it into something more. I started with an under-$5 bundle of green and gold (!) stems, and was able to easily stretch it it to fill my entire living room with gorgeous, festive greenery.

grocery store flowers

I started by taking a few of the larger gold stems, and inserting them into this beautiful aqua vase that’s constantly trying to figure out it’s place in my home. It was in our family room for a while, then did a stint on our dining room table, and now it’s taken up residence on our living room console. No matter where it resides, though, these simple gold stems are the perfect casual, whimsical pieces for it!

floral arranging

These grocery store stems also fit perfectly in this decorative wood/glass centerpiece on our dining table. I varied the heights, and added a pop of gold, which brings out the gold in our canvas art perfectly!

grocery flowers

grocery store flowers

There was lots of greenery left over, so I filled a gold glass vase I had on hand, and I love how well it complements all the green in this corner of our living room ♥

What is your favorite way to use grocery store greenery?