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snowman candy bars wrappers {a tutorial}

Snowman candy bar wrappers are a quick and easy craft perfect for Christmas and winter! Make with your kids to give as gifts, or use as favors for a winter-themed party! Here’s the easy how to…

snowman candy bars wrappers

I can barely stand the cuteness, guys. This easy snowman craft is perfect for kids, easily customizable, and makes a fun christmas gift or party favor. I’ve made snowman candy bars in the past, but wanted to update them a bit! I kept my favorite elements of the original version (bakers twine scarf!), but added a few updates (sequins! fake snow!)

snowman candy bars wrappers 2

This snowman craft uses a lot of things you probably already have on hand…

snowman candy bars wrappers 3


  • candy bars
  • plain paper for wrapping
  • sequins
  • googly eyes
  • bakers twine
  • black cardstock (for the hat)
  • orange cardstock (for the nose)
  • black craft paint
  • clear glitter or fake snow (optional)
  • Mod Podge

Step 1: Wrap your candy bars in white paper. I used plain printer paper and it worked great!

snowman candy bars wrappers 4

Step 2: Use hot glue to glue on your googly eyes. Cut triangles out of your cardstock (I used glitter cardstock, since I had it on hand, but anything, including construction paper, will do), and glue them onto your bars, as well.

snowman candy bars wrappers 5

snowman candy bars wrappers 6

Step 3: Wrap your bakers twine (yarn works for this, as well) around your candy bar, and tie for a scarf. Use a Q-tip and a dab of craft paint to paint on a mouth. Cut out hat shapes out of your black cardstock, and use a bit of Mod Podge to adhere a bit of glitter or fake snow to your hats (I even added a bit at the bottom of each snowman).

Glue hat shape onto each snowman head and sequins onto each body for the buttons.

snowman candy bars wrappers 7

It sounds like a lot of steps, but I made 6 of these in about half an hour. Looks like we have another 30 minute craft to add to the archives!

snowman candy bars wrappers 9

snowman candy bars wrappers 10

So, so cute, and so many ways to customize these using what you  have on  hand! This snowman craft would also be a fun project for kids to make for their teachers and classmates.

Thanks for reading all about snowman candy bars wrappers {a tutorial}, I’d love to hear about one of your favorite snowman crafts to make!

Have a lovely day!


Tuesday 24th of November 2020

So Darling!! Easy too! I used washi tape for the scarf and glitter glue to make buttons for the snow people. Made pink hats for the snow ladies...each person will get a couple. I only have 6 people to give them to so had fun doing snow men and ladies. Thank You for sharing the idea and have a Wonderful Holiday Season!!

Tracy Prickett

Thursday 15th of December 2016

I Love this snowman craft and will definitely be making this for my daughters friends and even my friends! I love all these awesome craft ideas so thank you for taking the time to not only think them up but to share them with every one! Thank you again!