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floor bed ideas for toddlers and kids

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Sharing information and ideas for floor bed ideas for toddlers! There’s so much floor bed information out there-here’s an easy overview to help you make the best decision for your kids!

floor bed ideas

Floor beds for toddlers is a popular topic as of late, with everyone tallying up the pros and cons, and deciding whether a floor bed is best for their toddler.

We’ve shared floor bed ideas in a previous post, and today, I’m going to expand further with even more floor bed inspiration and ideas!


floor bed

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So many people seem to be jumping on the floor bed bandwagon.

The idea is favored by those who believe in the Montessori Method for child raising (in short, encouraging independence for children). Floor beds fit in well with this method, as it encourages independence and a proper level of freedom for the child.

floor beds

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As with everything, though, whether or not a floor bed is a good idea for your child depends on many things, including your child’s temperament and sleep habits.

Also of note, it is critically important that if you choose to go the floor bed route, your child’s room is thoroughly childproofed and safe.

floor bed ideas

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Looking to transition your child to a floor bed, and want to go the DIY route (good for you!) Here are some great ideas and tutorials to get you started!

floor beds

Stephanie, from behind the camera and dreaming, shares a helpful and detailed how-to for making your own floor bed! Her photos are fantastic as well, definitely check out her post if you’re interested in making one yourself!

floor bed toddlers

This playhouse-style bed frame seems to be all the rage as far as toddler beds go! I love, love, love this great playhouse bed frame tutorial from the hanna blog! Super adorable!

floor beds

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on floor beds! Have you tried them with your little ones? Are you still skeptical? It’s certainly a non-traditional idea, but one that has definitely taken off in popularity! I’d love to hear what has worked for your family!

We have more ideas for Montessori floor beds (also known as Montessori Yatak here)!

Thanks for reading all about my floor bed ideas for toddlers and kids! Have a great day!

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Toddler Floor Bed ideas Interior and Decorating House Free Downloads

Monday 22nd of February 2021

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Saturday 24th of November 2018

My son sleeps next to me on the floor since 7 mths. That time he climbed out from his baby bay and I hated the normal crib as he was too heavy for me taking out for night feedings. So I just rolled down to him :) Now he is 1 yr and after waking he can read his books. So thumbs up for big floor beds! ;)

José Paulo

Tuesday 5th of December 2017

Gostei das informações. Parabéns!


Monday 31st of July 2017

Do you use a crib mattress? If so, what do you put below for breathability? My 4 year old has an IKEA toddler bed with slats, but she has not outgrown that bed, so we wanted to use a crib mattress for her 19 month old sister.

Thanks, Ellen