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on-the-go snacking with Lorissa’s Kitchen + giveaway

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Like most families, we are on-the-go a lot during the summer months (well, for most months of the year, if I’m to be honest). My challenge, as a mom, is to make sure we have plenty of portable, good-for-you snacks on hand so that we aren’t tempted to fill up on fast food or junk food while we’re out and about.

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I’m not exaggerating when I say Lorissa’s Kitchen Protein Snacks are going to change the way we snack on the go this summer. The benefits are plentiful: 100% grass-fed beef, responsibly-raised, and the chicken and pork are antibiotic-free, with no added growth hormones or nitrites.

In addition, Lorissa’s Kitchen products contain 11 grams of protein per serving, no preservatives, and are gluten-free. Both of my kids love them, and it’s so easy to throw in my bag or keep in my car so that we always have a healthy snack option on hand.

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Try them for yourself! Head to Lorissa’s Kitchen to enter to win one of 10 prize packs filled with Lorissa’s Kitchen products! These are going to change your summer snacking for the better. Our favorites are the Ginger Teriyaki and the Sweet Chili varieties, I’d love to hear what you like best!

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Thanks for reading all about how we snack on-the-go with Lorissa’s Kitchen. Have a great day!