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painted jars {a tutorial}

Hello, Lovelies! I’ve been collecting plain glass jars for a while now, and, needing a fun centerpiece for my dining room table, created these pretties…

These painted jars are perfect as centerpieces for your next party or event! And the best part is, they cost only pennies to make.

glass jars (I collect these all year round for different crafts)
craft paint

That’s it! And the how-to couldn’t be easier…

Just take your glass jars, and squirt in about a tablespoon of craft paint. Add just a smidge of water to loosen the paint.

Next, put your lids back on your jars…and shake!

Let dry. You may need to touch up with a little more paint once your jars have dried.

Remove lids, add flowers, and voila!

Super simple, and I love how you can make these in any color scheme imaginable!

I chose blue, kelly green, and gold…what colors would you choose?

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Alpha Davis

Monday 11th of June 2012

I can't get my paint to stick well. What am I doing wrong?


Tuesday 12th of June 2012

Make sure the paint is not too watered down, that could be one issue. Also, as it's drying, try to periodically turn the jar to redistribute the paint. If it's still not to your liking once it's dry, take a dry brush and some leftover paint and give the inside of the jar another coat. Good luck!


Wednesday 6th of June 2012

I've been saving glass jars as well and LOVE your idea of painting them!


Tuesday 5th of June 2012

I hand painted mine---your way is a LOT easier....only thing is that I was told the paint was too toxic to put real flowers into so I just use them as decor....I actually used various sized vases and gave them as gifts....look great on open shelving


Tuesday 5th of June 2012

Love these Linda!!! What type of craft paint did you use?


Wednesday 6th of June 2012

I think folk art...but any would work! thanks for commenting!! xo