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my source for inexpensive large prints {staples printing}

staples printing

About 2 years ago, I shared this same corner of our living room.

I scored the 17×17 frames from ebay, and used colored mats (to make the photos pop) and black and white photos. A week ago or so, I realized I needed to update this wall (my sweet 16 month old was nowhere to be found on it-sad!), and I was tired of the colored mats and wanted to go with something more neutral.

staples printing

So, what’s my source for large, super-cheap prints?

Staples! I got these 10×10 images (printed on 11×17 cardstock) for less than 50 cents each. Done! Color prints are a bit more expensive, at about $2 a piece.

Now, realize this is NOT photo paper and Staples is not a photo printer. The quality is slightly less impressive than other large prints I’ve had made, but I also saved more than $25 having it done this way, so I’m more than thrilled with how they came out.

Note: I cropped and resized my images in photoshop first, to get them to the 10×10 size I wanted. I then asked Staples to print them onto 11×17 cardstock and I cut them down myself (they have a cutting fee if you want them to do it). Here are the prints before I cut them down to size.

staples printing

The mats are nothing more than poster board cut down to size (the poster board was more expensive than the prints!).

staples printing

Cut out your poster board mat, use double sided tape to tape down your picture, and you’re done!

staples printing

I love little tricks like this…it allows me to change up my decor more than I otherwise would be able to do. What are your tips/tricks for getting great deals on home decor projects? Would love to know!

Thanks for reading all about my Staples printing tips! Have a crafty day!


Monday 15th of September 2014

Thanks for the tips!