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Spring Gift Guide

I’ve had the privilege of working with some delightful brands to bring you this 2024 Spring gift guide!

We’ve found some great finds for yourself or a gift. Let’s get started…

Gifts and Home

 AAWireless Android Auto adapter

Founded in 2019, AAWireless emerged from a personal annoyance with the cable connection required for Android Auto. Co-founder Emil Borconi-Szedressy initiated the project, which later teamed up with Chiel Prins to create a prototype. The company successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign, garnering support from over 70,000 backers and shipping more than 275,000 units worldwide.

AAWireless stands out with its commitment to providing a seamless wireless experience, an innovative companion app, and excellent customer support. Produced in Europe, the company focuses on enhancing the overall quality and affordability of wireless car technology.

Thistle Butterfly Puddler

It’s the little things in life. Fully-bloomed flowers. A butterfly landing on your shirt. Jo-Anne and Gerald Warren’s stoneware piece attracts those little lovelies with a superpower: special minerals. The shallow well of recycled glass holds sand or rock salt and a teaspoon of water.

When the water evaporates (in under a day), butterflies are attracted to the crystal mixture left behind. Once they know where they can find the delicious treat, they return regularly. Put one in your garden to transform it into an enchanted paradise. Handmade in Canada.


A 2023 ISPO award winner, the new Concurve Jacket from GOREWEAR is a master-class in design and execution. Utilizing the new – and more sustainable – GORE-TEX ePE membrane, it’s super lightweight, waterproof and doesn’t have any unnecessary seams. This means that tprohe jacket is also more durable than competitors, because the design team eliminated those weak points that lead to tearing with repeated use.

We all love the convenience of single-use products, but considering the impact plastic has on our world, we need to make it Matter! Small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in helping the environment. Converting to compostable single-use products means setting and keeping our sustainable goals achievable. It’s a great way to feel good about the positive choices we make daily. Matter’s single-use products are made from plants and natural fibers, so you’re using items made from nature that will return to nature. If certified for home composting, your backyard compost pile or bin is perfect for putting Matter items.

All Matter products fully break down in a composting environment, either industrial or home, or often both. Composting is the safe and natural way to reduce landfill waste. As Matter products compost, they return valuable nutrients back into the soil, vs. potential toxins that traditional plastics can leave behind.


StoveShelf magnetic organizational kitchen solution keeps spices, condiments and cooking oils within hands reach, maximizing space and elevating style as a durable shelf above the top of your stove. This unique innovation simply attaches onto your stove via thick and power silicone-encased magnets (which can be repositioned for a custom fit). The magnets hold StoveShelf up off the range, making it resistant to heat generated while your oven is on. Made in the USA, the StoveShelf is also available on Amazon and was designed for a lifetime of use, the stainless-steel body will withstand rust, odors, stains and corrosion.

PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill 

The PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill is made of the finest materials and assembled with precision and care to provide years of trouble free dependable use. The ceramic pepper mill is adjustable to any size, fine to coarse. Grinds any dried spice or millable ingredient up to the size of a coffee bean. The removable clear bottom cup underneath the pepper grinder conveniently catches fresh pepper grinds.


Mixbook combines unique, on-trend designs with a powerful editor, allowing you to create one-of-a-kind photo goods that truly reflect your personal style.

We deeply believe photos matter, and that every photo tells a story of what matters most to you. Inside every person is a natural-born storyteller and we want to empower people to tell their stories through beautiful, personalized photo goods.

Vinci Housewares Hands-Free Citrus Juicer 

Vinci Housewares Hands-Free Citrus Juicer is a must-have kitchen solution to make your own fresh squeezed beverages at home! Vinci Housewares Hands-Free Citrus Juicer supports the perfect start to a healthy morning, ideal for when recipes call for fresh juice, and perfect for crafting delicious cocktails at home. The Hands-Free Juicer is the only countertop appliance of its kind featuring patented pressure-sensitive, rind-thickness detection technology that squeezes fresh juice without a mess in just 10 seconds, and it eliminates the bitterness that comes with other juicers which often break the rind. Vinci Hands-Free Citrus Juicer is also available on AMAZON and the Vinci Housewares Amazon store.

Vinci Housewares website:

HandsOn Gardening Gloves

HandsOn Gardening Gloveswith patented, first of its kind nodules on all the fingers and palm making it easier for hand digging, breaking up soil and planting. HandsOn Gardening Gloves also make landscaping and yard work safer, easier and more comfortable for the user. The gardening gloves can be used wet or dry and since they have an adjustable wrist strap allowing for a flexible anti-slip grip while keeping debris out while you garden, trim and do your landscaping.HandsOn Gardening Gloves are available in a size Medium or a Large and are also sold on AMAZON and the Also visit the HandsOn Amazon store

Quilted Makeup Bag Set (Madagascar Periwinkle – Vanilla)

This lovely toiletry bag set from Saffron Marigold is the perfect springtime travel companion. Each one can be used as a dopp kit for cosmetics or other essentials, and the set of three makes it easy to organize personal items by size, from your trusty compact mirror to your favorite toothbrush. The gorgeous floral pattern is individually hand printed using wood blocks, produced in Fair Trade partnership by artisans in India.


Alice’s Magic Garden

In this imaginative prequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice finds herself at a gray, dreary boarding school that is decidedly up the rabbit hole. From the relentless clocks to the beastly students, Alice’s world is void of color and cheer—until Alice finds a secret garden and begins tending its wilting inhabitants. When Alice’s love touches an ordinary caterpillar, a lory bird, and a white rabbit, magical things will happen—and that, as you know, is just the beginning of the story. Filled with literary allusions and clever nods to its classic roots, Alice’s Magic Garden is a delightful prequel that begs an escape to the whimsy of Wonderland.

Gardens are for Growing

In this tender poem, the love between a father and daughter blossoms alongside the seeds they plant together. As the garden grows, the daughter grows from a toddler to a teen and finally to a woman with a child of her own. The cottagecore illustrations beautifully connect the seasons of nature with the seasons of life, where new beginnings abound.

The Getaway Bag 

Designed for adventure-seeking parents, The Getaway Bag from No Reception Club provides unparalleled organization so that you can effortlessly change, feed, and entertain your little one on any journey. Plus, for parents who want to bring one carry-on for baby’s first flight, the pack also has mom-and-dad friendly features like an essentials pocket on the lid for keys, wallet and passports, a padded laptop sleeve in the back panel, and a pass-through for roller bag handles.

They recently released their most versatile and fashion-forward color yet, Olive. As a company that truly cares about parents, No Reception Club pledges to donate 1% of all sales to support Baby2Baby, a national nonprofit that provides essential items to more than one million children across the country.

Our Little Library

Designed by a professional watercolor artist and licensed speech therapist, Tabitha PaigeOur Little Library features five board books that feature charming images and foundational vocabulary that will help you build your child’s vocabulary. The durable materials and small book size also make them perfect for your baby’s little hands! Find more of Tabitha’s products on Paige Tate & Co

G is for Gardening

It’s time to get your hands dirty! With L for leaf, N for nursery, and S for seeds, going from A to Z has never been so fresh. Take an alphabetized trip through the garden and discover the plants, animals, and tools that make gardening fun!

The Sidekick

Whether you’re crammed inside an aircraft lavatory, the backseat of a car, or the corner of a public restroom — changing a diaper in tight quarters and on-the-go is challenging. Wear the Sidekick to discretely carry all your diaper changing essentials, keep your hands fully available to hold onto your little one, and grab exactly what you need to complete that diaper change ASAP. 

Lit for Little Hands: The Secret Garden

Join Mary, Dickon, and Colin on their heartwarming journey of friendship and gardening magic. Filled with interactive wheels and pull-tabs, and lavishly illustrated, The Secret Garden is an unprecedented kid’s introduction to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved classic novel. Unlike many board books that tackle the classics, Lit for Little Hands tells the actual story in simple, engaging prose. Gorgeous springtime illustrations transport the reader to the gardens and halls of Misselthwaite Manor, while tons of interactive elements invite kids to help Mary discover the secret garden, make friends, and help Colin walk!

Makeup, Bath and Body

SportLash waterproof mascara

Motion Beauty’s SportLash waterproof mascara is tailored for active lifestyles, keeping lashes flawless through workouts, swimming, or teary-eyed moments. Its lightweight, oil-free formula ensures long-lasting wear without clumping or flaking, making it the perfect smudge-proof mascara. With Motion Beauty, your beauty routine won’t hold back your fitness journey!

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Hand Soap 

Our Eucalyptus & Mint Hand & Body wash brings a cool crisp aroma to your routine, adding a quick recharge to your hectic day.  Our new recipe  marks a subtle but significant improvement over our previous hand soap.  With the addition of high oleic sunflower oil and a higher ratio of vitamin rich Jojoba and Avocado oils, you can use our new Hand & Body wash from head to toe with confidence, knowing that it will nourish and nurture your skin while the eucalyptus & mint scent will leave you energized, focused, and balanced.

NOBS Toothpaste Tablets


NOBS Toothpaste Tablets are an innovative take on toothpaste, featuring nano hydroxyapatite, a safe and effective alternative to fluoride. Not only do NOBS strengthen your teeth and prevent decay, but they can also whiten your teeth and fight sensitivity. They’re simple to use, zero waste (& great for the environment!), and they taste great too. What’s not to love?

PRISM Whitening Strips


Made with just 10 ingredients, PRISM Whitening Strips feature natural aloe vera and coconut oil for an incredibly gentle whitening experience. Get ready to smile and dazzle!

Lavender Self Care Gift Box

Introducing our new Self-Care Gift Box, the perfect treat for busy women (and men!) who deserve a little TLC. Packed with thoughtfully chosen items, this linen-wrapped box is ready to be gifted and make someone’s day. Inside you’ll find a bar soap, a soap dish, a lip balm, and a salve, all made with organic oils and essential oils, certified cruelty-free and handcrafted in small batches.  We’ve also included a blank card so you personalize the gifting experience.

H2.O Facial Cleanser


Calling all sensitive and dry skin folks! H2.O Facial Cleanser is the ultimate face wash you didn’t know you needed. Packed with hydrating ingredients, H2.O gently removes makeup and cleans your skin without disrupting your skin barrier. H2.O is perfect for all skin types, but especially great for those with dry and sensitive skin.

Ultra-Treatment Hair Oil

Ultra-Treatment Hair Oil is nongreasy and nourishes hair fortifying with keratin, nourishing brittle and broken color treated tresses, and makes hair perfectly soft and smooth. This deep-penetrating formula is available in 2.70-ounce bottles for $12.99.

KIMTRUE Skin Purifying Cleansing Balm

KIMTRUE Skin Purifying Cleansing Balm, featuring a rejuvenating formula, offers deep cleansing and luminous brightening effects, creating a cleansing experience that works both on the surface and internally. Its ice cream-like texture effortlessly melts on the skin, effectively removing makeup and impurities, while ingredients deeply cleanse pores and moisturize skin. – $19.99

KIMTRUE Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

KIMTRUE Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, designed with a non-irritating formula, brightens and softens the skin. This product removes makeup efficiently and protects and cares for the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. -$16.99

Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo from Just Ingredients contains organic arrowroot and baking soda to soak up excess oils, adding volume and freshness to the hair.

Food and Drink

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen & Clausthaler Grapefruit non-alcoholic beer 

Welcome the warm weather with a twist of grapefruit!Choose from Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen, a refreshing blend of real German beer &  grapefruit juice with a low 2.5% ABV. Or award-winning Clausthaler Grapefruit non-alcoholic beer –  Clausthaler has been brewing NA beer that tastes like the real thing for over 40 years. Both are available at Total Wine & More and anywhere fine beverages are sold. 

Taste the Tropics Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box offers a culinary tour to new and nostalgic destinations with fresh tropical and exotic fruits from around the world delivered right to your door with freshness guarantee in the continental U.S. This Taste the Tropics fruit boxpresents an immune boosting, flavorful medley including the novel PinkGlow™ Pink Pineapple which is sustainably sourced and grown on a carbon-neutral farm in Costa Rica, the larger sized Tropical Avocado which is popular in the Caribbean, Central and South America. You’ll also enjoy Apple Banana, Mango, Dragon Fruit, and more along with fruit reference cards and chef-inspired recipes. All fruit and root medleys are non-coated for a pristine product.

Soke & Soula Beverages

Together, Anita and Melanie envisioned a new paradigm in cocktail experiences. They recognized a consumer demand for more than just beverages—bold, innovative flavors were sought, all while being mindful of alcohol and calorie intake. 

Cue in Soula and Soke premium canned cocktails, each using a premium handcrafted agave wine from the Blue Weber agave plants in Jalisco, Mexico (Soula) or a legacy Japanese Junmai sake recipe that’s brewed for more than 300 years (Soke). Each ingredient and flavors were carefully curated to meet the strictest of ingredient guidelines of natural grocers, and no artificial sweeteners are used.

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée (SRP $59.99) is the House’s flagship brut non-vintage and offers more Chardonnay and longer aging than most champagnes in its class. A blend that’s made up of 55% Chardonnay, with the remaining being Pinot Noir and Meunier, Laurent-Perrier continues to express its commitment toward being a Chardonnay-centric House, despite the fact that Chardonnay is the least planted grape variety in the Champagne region. The use of the Chardonnay grape variety brings freshness, finesse, and purity to the assemblage, making the Laurent-Perrier House style so distinct.

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé 

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé (SRP $99.99) is the world’s most recognized luxury rosé champagne. Since 1968, when Laurent-Perrier reintroduced the art of non-vintage rosé, Cuvée Rosé has been widely acknowledged for its consistent high quality and iconic bottle shape, and to this day it is the benchmark for rosé champagne around the world. The 100% Grand Cru Pinot Noir grapes undergo a proprietary 48 to 72-hour maceration technique with the goal of achieving the House’s specific oenological profile that includes a highly expressive bouquet of fresh fruit notes that are present with every sip.

Flower Cookies

Send a sweet surprise! Our delicious butter cookies are cut and hand-decorated! One Dozen flower shaped cookies perfect to celebrate all of spring’s festivities. Each gift includes individually wrapped cookies delivered in a festive tin. We also send a greeting card that you can personalize online!

JUMBO Flower Cupcakes

I think we all know you can’t eat flowers…or can you!? Artisan flower cupcakes are combined with our popular cupcake recipe to form an extraordinary bouquet unlike any other. These delicious Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet and Strawberry cupcakes come together in perfect harmony with delicious buttercream frosting. Includes a greeting card you can personalize online and arrives packaged in an elegant bakery gift box.

Damn, Man Cowboy Starter Kit Beef & Nut Snack Box

This gift box has everything you need to get your cowboy boots ready and horse saddled to head out to the ranch. It includes Rodeo Roasted Memphis BBQ Almonds, Texas BBQ Peanuts, and Whiskey Nut Mix, plus 3 Spicy Smokie Beef Sticks, 2 Mild Smokie Beef Sticks, and 1 Black Peppered Beef Stick. Yee-haw! The prairie sky is wide and high with the many flavors of the south and you’ll be feeling the freedom of the open terrain when you crack open this box of snacks fit for a cowboy.

The Damn Man Cowboy Starter Kit offers so much spice in one flavorful bundle. Retails for $34.95 at and on Amazon.

Bread Baker’s Seasoning Kit

If sourdough is second nature to you and you’re ready to take it to the next level, Julie Pedersen’s kit has plenty of ways to get you there. With 15 different savory and sweet seasoning blends, like Tuscan Tomato, Green Tea Sesame, and Dill Caraway, plus instructions telling you when to incorporate them (after first rise? right before baking?), it’ll make you fall in love all over again with the miracle of homemade bread. Assembled in Canada.

Vanilla Bean Protein Powder

Rich and creamy vanilla bean, all-natural protein powder from Just Ingredients is made with four different protein sources and flavored without artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. Made with non-denatured 100% grass-fed non-denatured whey from New Zealand.

Thanks so much for reading all about our favorite gift guide items for spring!

Have a great day!