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the jealousy game

Y’all, I’m in a reflective kind of mood today…be forewarned:)

Have you found yourself playing the jealousy game lately? Gray may be the new brown, but green, specifically in shades of I-want-what-she-has seems to be making quite a splash as well. And, from conversations I’ve been having with friends and seen around blogland, it seems to suck us all in, no matter how much our head tries to convince us differently.

It plays out differently for everybody, but I imagine at least one of the below may sound familiar to you:

Why can’t my shop have as many sales as her’s does?

How does she get so many comments on her blog posts?

I wish I could write/photograph/fill-in-the-blank as well that blogger.

I wish I had her hair/skin/clothes/etc.

Cuz they definitely sound familiar to me.

The truth is, someone else is always going to be doing something more, something bigger, something better than us. That’s just part and parcel with living in this creative, inspired world of ours. The feeling is natural; the trick is to recognize the feeling and know what to do with it. For some, it means going offline and outside for a while, for others, it means getting inspired and creating something new.

For me, though, it’s also call to be aware of all the blessings that I do have. I don’t know about you, but when I’m focusing on thankfulness, there’s not much room to focus on jealousy. When I’m focusing on what I do have, and being grateful for it all, it’s nearly impossible to focus on what I lack.

What are your tricks for overcoming jealousy in your life?


Thursday 26th of July 2012

totally true and I think as bloggers we often don't realize it's jealousy, but play it off, saying it's just to help "increase our numbers." etc. Thanks for this. :) It's sooo true!


Friday 27th of July 2012

Hey Jasanna! You're right-the first step is to actually realize it's jealousy and unhealthy for you. Not always easy. Your blog is super-cute, btw!! xo

colleen from alabama

Thursday 26th of July 2012

I think that saying "comparison is the thief of joy" is true. However, i think a little perspective changes everything. For instance, it all depends on who we are comparing ourselves to. Why is it that we don't compare our circumstances, gifts, blessings, etc. to those who live in poverty ridden africa or haiti. Why do we not look at our lives through the lens of the depravity of the women on the prostitution line in India or even the children who were sold into that life by their parent's? At the heart of it all is our sin. We want to think that we know best and God is an ever present gift giver to provide whatever we want. Instead, i would do well to trust that HE knows best and gives and withholds according to His eternal wisdom. It is all a matter of perspective. I could use a good dose of that!


Friday 27th of July 2012

Colleen-I love that saying, too. And, yes, it is all a matter of perspective...I, too, believe that God gifts us according to His will, and he obviously has a much bigger plan than we ever could. Thanks for your insight! xo


Thursday 26th of July 2012

Jealousy for me is usually pretty fleeting. Probably because I have a memory like a sieve. If you've forgotten what you were jealous of, you can't be eaten up by it. Seriously though, if there's something I want badly enough to feel jealous about, then I try to work towards getting it.


Friday 27th of July 2012

Ally-Love your attitude, girl!!! And the bit about your memory being like a sieve:) Too funny. Have a great day! xo