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twine-wrapped, spray-painted glass {a tutorial}

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A Blissful Nest-jute twine/spray paint tutorial-001

This is sooo easy and so versatile! You can use this technique on any kind of container you can think of. I tried it on votive holders and mason jars, and loved them both!

containers of choice (again, I used votive holders and mason jars)
jute twine
spray paint

Step 1: Take your twine, wrap it around your container, and tie the ends together.

A Blissful Nest-Jute Twine/Spray Paint tutorial-002

Step 2: Spray paint your container in your color of choice (I used two coats). Let dry.

A Blissful Nest-Jute Twine/Spray Paint tutorial-003

Cut and unwrap your twine and voila!

I did this on mason jars as well for a shower a few months ago…

A blissful nest-jute twine/spray paint tutorial-004

It made THE perfect vases for flowers, in my opinion!

What would YOU use this technique with? Do tell!

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Wednesday 6th of June 2012

I found a cool idea and it's wrapping rubber bands around a wine class and spray painting it with frost spray paint. It turned out really neat you should look into it.


Tuesday 8th of May 2012

Hello. I just found your blog and I love to make things out of glass containers too. I made some pretty glass vases out of some Starbucks frapuccino bottles. You can see them here>>