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Benefits of Crafting

Interested in spending more time crafting? There are so many reasons why crafting is good for every part of your life! Today, we’re sharing a list of the best benefits of crafting!

If you are a crafter or want to be a crafter, this post is for you!

Crafting has been such a huge part of my life for so long, and it’s impacted me in so many ways!

If you want to know why and how crafting can benefit YOU, then read on.

I’m also sharing an eye-catching infographic that lists many benefits of crafting, some you may not even have thought of!

benefits crafting

Benefits of Crafting

Just so we have our definitions straight, we will consider crafting as any activity or hobby that involves making something with your hands in a skillful way.

Sewing, paper crafts, scrapbooking, embroidery, paper mache, jewelry-making, pottery, wreath-making….crafting encompasses so many different hobbies and pastimes.

Crafting is for all ages-you can start with Easy Kids Crafts if you’re crafting with children, or check out these DIY Crafts for Adults if you want something more sophisticated.

So, let’s get started, here are our favorite benefits of hobbies:

  • releases dopamine in your brain, similar, in some ways, to an antidepressant
  • calms and soothes us, similar to meditation
  • naturally relieves stress and tension
  • helps engage our mind, possibly helping us stave off mental decline
  • allows us to give back to others and our community
  • concentrating on crafts helps us increase our mindfulness

  • it’s portable-it can be done almost anywhere!
  • helps develop hand eye coordination
  • helps develop fine motor skills
  • easy and simple form of self care
  • helps keep you young by learning and applying new skills and techniques
  • build friendships and community with others as you craft together

  • crafting can help you process grief and setbacks
  • helps improve self confidence and self esteem
  • can help you learn to focus better and improve concentration
  • crafting is just plain fun
  • you can teach others benefitting you AND them

  • you can sell your item and make some income
  • you can gift your handmade items, giving people a meaningful and special gift
  • being creative through crafting can help you learn to be creative in other areas of your life

So, what did I miss? Leave your favorite benefits of crafting in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading all about our List of Benefits of Crafting.

Have a great day!