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Best Blogging Tips and Tricks from Top Bloggers

Sharing the best blogging tips and tricks from my favorite bloggers. From social media to monetization and everything in between, these tips will help you create and grow a successful blog!

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As a blogger, I frequently get asked about how I’ve been able to build and grow my blog.

While part of my success may very well be contributed to luck and being in the right place at the right there, there’s no doubt that there are definite and specific things I did to help me build my blog following.

While I’ve written several posts on this topic myself, I wanted to branch out a bit further and reach out to other successful bloggers for their best tips and tricks.

So today, I’m gathering some of the best blogging tips from other bloggers to share with you to hopefully inspire your own blogging journey!

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“Regarding post length & Pinterest, one long post is better than three short posts. Why? Because people can’t generally digest a really long and resourceful post all in one sitting, so they pin it so they can come back to it later.

This means that the pin will then get shared with all of their followers. By contrast, with short posts, people can get all the information in one sitting, and then move on with no need to pin it for later.”

Trina, Alli & Cole, Mom Smart Not Hard


Love the above advice regarding post length. Pinterest can be a real struggle for a lot of us. I recently shared tips that helped me grow my Pinterest traffic by 450%, and it’s been one of my most popular posts. Seems everyone feels they can benefit from a few good Pinterest tips!

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Camilla shares another smart Pinterest tip, recognizing the fact that Pinterest is seen less as social media and more as a search engine…

“So many people make pins without a description which is so important for searchability and Tailwind won’t let you share a pin that doesn’t have a description. To automatically generate one always fill in the alt tag on you pictures and pin pic and include some hashtags – job done and anyone else pinning from your page will have the description there too!”

Camilla, Fab Food 4 All


Also regarding Pinterest, make sure you are always keeping an eye on what’s working for you. Schedulers, Tailwind Tribes, Group Boards…it’s important to be constantly evaluation and changing up your strategy as needed.

Here, I share Everything You Need to Know About Group Boards, including how to find them, as well as a link to apply for my largest group board, with over a million followers.

 “Don’t let old content “retire”! Creating a simple spreadsheet of all my posts, organized by holiday/season makes it so easy to go back and share past posts regularly in my newsletter. It also makes it easy to find older content to link to in new posts, keeping readers and Google happy “

Stephanie, Swoodson Says


So smart, Stephanie! Yes, you’ve worked hard on that content, make sure you continue to promote it!

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“Accelerate your growth by leveraging others, so you can focus on what you do best (whether that’s research, content writing, SEO, etc.) People often fear investing in their own work, overlooking the fact that investing $100 today may bring you $1,000 in the future. I’ve hired VAs for content writing, graphics creation, social media help, etc. If you do your research and don’t simply hire the cheapest option, you will often find that the help is money well spent.”

Eric, Cynical Parent


Eric touches on an important point for all bloggers-investing in your blog (and not hiring based only on price point) is often a necessary ingredient in growing your blog!

Being a successful blogger really does take a village; I share here about some of the behind-the-scenes of blogging, including a review of one of the ways I monetize my blog-Mediavine Ad Network!

Still hungry for more? Here some other blogging tips you’ll want to try…

“Just be you! We get caught up trying to be a lot of things and like a lot of people. Know what you’re blogging about and how you want to blog, and don’t worry too much about what others are doing.

You don’t need to copy a style, you’d don’t need to copy a voice, you don’t even need to copy a colour palette. Just do what you like. And if it’s similar to someone else, awesome. And if it’s completely different to what all the current trends are, that’s awesome too.”

Riz, Chocolates & Chai


“Track where you are spending your time. So many people focus on things that bring very little return. Think about what the core of your business is, and focus on that. Outsource mindless tasks so that you can spend more time on what is most important and will grow your business.”

Maya, Wholesome Yum


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“Know who YOU are. Build on that. If you can sum up who you are, your voice will emerge. Once I got my tag line, “big fat healthy food,” I was able to fly, because everything hinges on that food view, and I never run out of things to say or create.

Envision your reader, that one person that is counting on you, trusting your content, benefiting. This helps you get through lonely days when you don’t know if anyone is out there. I keep my focus always on my readers and how I can solve their problem. These two things have helped me stay the course for 9 years.”

Angela, Spinach Tiger


“Quality over quantity. Don’t post something you’re not proud of, just for the sake of posting. A food blogger’s recipes need to work well, and that often requires testing and re-testing”

Andrea, Cooking with Mamma C


“Recipe collections are a great way to help readers find what they are looking for on your website. I create clickable graphics or “buttons” linking to that category in word press so all those recipes come up with one click!

Collection Ideas: healthy recipes, vegetarian, holiday, low carb, low sugar recipes, game day & party food, and cozy comfort food, and I even have one for kitchen tips! Make them in Pic Monkey, upload the image, and link to the category. These keep your readers on your site longer, and help them find the content they care about! “

Lisa, Delicious Table


Once you’ve been able to grow you blog, check out this post sharing my Mediavine Review and Requirements! They’ve been instrumental in not just helping me monetize my blogs, but helping me grow them, as well.

Thanks for reading all about my Best Blogging Tips and Tricks from Top Bloggers. Have a lovely day!

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