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Christmas Eve Box Ideas – Christmas Eve Box Fillers for Adults, Kids, Disney Fans and More

Today’s post is all about Christmas Eve boxes! If you’ve never heard of them, you’ll want to read all about this new holiday trend and how to incorporate them into your own holiday celebrations!

Today, I want to talk all about Christmas Eve boxes!

This new-ish trend has gained popularity in the past few years, and we’re going to share all about them, from what exactly they are, who to give them to, and what to put in them.

If you are searching for a new tradition to start with your friends or family, this is one to consider.

Let’s get started.

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

A Christmas Eve box is a gift given on Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas.

This trend gained popularity in the last few years, probably as people wanted ways to connect with friends and family they couldn’t see during Covid.

Christmas Eve boxes can be given to friends or family, and the sky is the limit on what you can include. In this post, we’ll share ideas such as Christmas Eve Box ideas for her, him, Disney fans, and more.

Some may consider a Christmas Eve Box just one more way to spend money needlessly over the holidays, but others see it as a way to spread out some of the Christmas magic.

Instead of opening all gifts Christmas Day, you get the chance to enjoy a few small gifts the day before, enhancing the enjoyment of those gifts (instead of having them be lost in the excitement of Christmas day).

It’s not so much buying more gifts as it is spacing them out a bit!

Of course, if Christmas Eve Boxes aren’t for you, there are plenty of other ways to make the holidays magical such as printable advent calendars, Christmas coloring pages, or enjoying some Christmas poems for kids.

How to Make a Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve box can be as simple or as complex as you like!

You can DIY your own Christmas Eve box with a plain cardboard box or plastic bin.

Decorate your box with ribbon, washi tape, stickers or paint pens. Something as simple as this pack of Christmas stickers is all need to make a festive and fun box.

If you’d rather buy than DIY, you can get a lovely Christmas Eve box for under $15. With over a dozen styles to choose from, you can find a box for everyone.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Once you have your box, it’s time to start filling it!

Christmas Eve box fillers don’t have to be expensive or fancy. Simple, meaningful, or just plain fun box fillers are best!

There are so many ideas for filling your boxes, let’s talk about some of our favorites.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Adults

Here are some simple and fun Christmas Eve Box fillers for adults.

  • Coffee
  • Hot Cocoa Mix
  • Mini wine or liqueur bottles
  • Gift Cards

Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Babies

Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Toddlers

Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Kids

Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Teens

  • Phone Case
  • Jewelry Kit
  • Gum
  • Candy
  • Keychain

Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Men

  • Magazines
  • Deck of Cards/Card Game
  • Books
  • Mug
  • Mini Bottles of Alcohol

Christmas Eve Box for Disney Fans-Kids

Christmas Eve Box for Disney Fans-Adults

Christmas Eve Box Filled

Sometimes, you don’t have the spare time to customize your own Christmas Eve Box, you want one that is already filled and ready to gift!

If so, check out these filled Christmas Eve Boxes (be sure to read each listing carefully for exactly what is included).

Spa Themed Christmas Eve Box for Girls

This bath and body-themed Christmas Eve box is festive, colorful, and perfect for the teen or tween in your life!

Christmas Eve Box for Kids

This box can be customized for either one or two kids, and contains a few items such as a hot cocoa mug, puzzle and reindeer food.

Filled Christmas Eve Box for Kids

This Christmas Eve box comes filled with various treats–with extra space to add some goodies of your own too!

Thanks so much for reading all about our favorite Christmas Eve Box Ideas – Christmas Eve Box Fillers for Adults, Kids, Disney Fans and More.

Have a great day!