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Colors in Rainbow – List of Rainbow Colors In Order

Interested in knowing the colors of a rainbow in the correct order? In this post, we’ll share the rainbow colors, as well as each color’s connotation and meaning!

Rainbows are one of my very favorite natural phenomenons!

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but seeing a rainbow can mean good luck is coming your way.

Whether you are curious about the science of rainbows, or just interested in creating rainbows in your art, you may be wondering about the exact colors in a rainbow. This post will help!

We will share the various colors in a rainbow, as well as share lots more rainbow-related information you may not know!

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Let’s get started!

What Causes a Rainbow?

Rainbows are so beautiful to look at, but what exactly causes them?

First, realize that a rainbow isn’t a physical thing, it’s more an illusion that appears when sunlight and atmospheric conditions are just right, meaning, water droplets are in the air and the sun is behind you.

Any clouds in the sky must also disperse in order for the rainbow to be visible.

The light from the sun shines on and enters a water droplet (which is why we often see rainbows after it rains), and then it slows down and bends (refracts) as it goes from air to the droplet. The light slows down because light travels slower in water than in air. This is due to the fact that water is denser.

Then, as the sunlight bounces off the back of the water droplet and goes back the way it came, it bends again as it speeds up when it exits the water droplet.

The light reflects off the inside of the drop of water, separating into its colors (or wavelengths).

When the light exits the drop of water, that is the point where you see a rainbow.

What Shape is a Rainbow?

A rainbow is actually a complete circle, not just an arc!

From the ground, though, we see only part of the rainbow, which is why it looks like an arc.


Colors in a Rainbow

Okay! Let’s now look at why we see colors in a rainbow and what those seven rainbow colours in order are (plus an easy way to remember them)…

Why Do We See Colors in a Rainbow?

We see the colors in a rainbow because sunlight is made up of wavelengths (or colors) of light. When the light exits the water droplet, it gets separated into all of it’s various colors/wavelengths.

Some of those colors get bent more than others when the light enters the water droplet. Violet (the shortest wavelength) bends the most and red (which is the longest wavelength of visible light) bends the least.

Because of this, the light reflecting back to you from the water droplets will appear to be separated into the seven colors of the rainbow, with red on the top and violet on the bottom.

Are there 6 or 7 colors in a rainbow?

There are actually 7 colors in a rainbow!

This can be confusing because sometimes, while looking at a rainbow, it can appear to have less. For instance, sometimes the indigo and violet colors can blend together and appear as a single color.

Let’s get into the 7 colors of the rainbow…

What are the Seven Colors of the Rainbow?

Here are the seven colors of the rainbow and what each color symbolizes.

The acronym ROY G. BIV is a handy reminder for the color sequence that makes up the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

rainbow colors


What Does Red Symbolize?

Red is a very powerful, potent color.

Red stands for romantic love, passion, aggression, anger, and often means “danger.”

Also, red is universally used as the color that means “stop,” which is ironic since red is also the color that signifies action.

Red is used in marketing to capture people’s attention and elicit emotion and strong feelings.


What Does Orange Symbolize?

Orange is a happy, uplifting color usually associated with positive emotions such as enthusiasm, enjoyment, fun, energy, determination and success.

Orange tends to be a controversial color. Most people either love it or hate it.


What Does Yellow Symbolize?

Like orange, yellow tends to symbolize warmth and happiness.

Yellow is a stimulating color, making us more alert and energized. It’s also been known to boost memory and optimism!

Yellow is also often associated with the sun and it’s bright, warming, life-giving effects.

Yellow also stands for caution. It’s used for traffic signals and warning signs in many areas of the world.


What Does Green Symbolize?

Green is everywhere in nature. It’s arguable the most common color you’ll find in the natural world.

After blue, green is the most commonly chosen color when people are asked to name their favorite color.

Green is the color of life and nature, and is often considered to be a healing color.

It’s associated with the ideas of of growth, safety, greed, money, ambition, envy and jealousy.


What Does Blue Symbolize?

Blue is the color most commonly chosen when people are asked to choose their favorites!

It represents both the sky and the water, and is associated with the spirit, imagination and freedom.

Most blues are considered calming and serene, but brighter, more neon shades of blue can denote excitement and energy.

Too much blue can bring about feelings of sadness and negativity.


Why is Indigo not Commonly Accepted as a Color of the Rainbow?

Indigo is often omitted in the rainbow because not many people can differentiate the wavelengths well enough to see it as a separate color.

Not everyone accepts indigo (between blue and violet) as a separate color, so many learn the rainbow has six colors only.

What Does Indigo Symbolize?

Indigo, which is a lovely blend of blue and violet, is a hue that radiates kindness, charm, and power.

Indigo is known to open up the third eye and tap into our inner knowing and intuition.


What Does Violet Symbolize?

Violet, which contains more blue tones than purple, symbolizes royalty, imagination, wisdom, and sensitivity.

Violet promotes transformation, spiritual fulfillment, and enlightenment.

Rainbow Color Code

If you are working on a design or craft project using the colors of the rainbow, you may be interested in the color codes for each color.

Every color has a specific hex code, which is a six symbol code which relays the color value.

Here are hex codes for the colors of the rainbow:

red: #FF0000

orange: #FF7F00

yellow: #FFFF00

green: #00FF00

blue: #0000FF

indigo: #4B0082

violet: #9400D3

Rainbow Crafts

Inspired by the colors of the rainbow? Me too!

Here are some fun crafts to extend your enjoyment of the rainbow colors.

rainbow fringe wreath

Try this rainbow fringe wreath. It’s super simple and can be done in about an hour or so.

These rainbow treats are easy to make and perfect for a rainbow inspired party or baby shower.

Lastly, our Somewhere Over the Rainbow free printable would look great in a playroom, kids room or nursery.

I hope this helps you learn the colors of the rainbow and their meanings!

Thanks so much for reading all about the Colors in Rainbow – List of Rainbow Colors In Order. Have a great day!

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