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DIY Bed Canopy {An Easy Way to Make Your Own Bed Canopy}

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This guest post shares an easy way to make a DIY Bed Canopy. Perfect for kids and teens, this bed canopy adds so much fun and style to your girl’s room!

Hi, my name is Mimi and I am the wife, mom, blogger, and mompreneur  behind the family lifestyle blog Unlikely Unlikely Martha is where I share my life’s happenings including home decor, DIY projects, fashion, beauty and my haphazard spin on traditional homemaking. Simply, I encourage women to “Keep House and Stay Fly”. I’m very active on social, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at @UnlikelyMartha

diy bed canopy

On a Friday evening trip to Ikea, my daughter spotted a bed net canopy and in her very best begging voice pleaded her case for me to shell over $20 for something I knew I could make for under $10.

I was right.

Once we made it down to the first floor in Ikea, I spotted the exact same sheers used in the bed net canopy upstairs in the curtain and fabric section. They came two in a pack for $4.99.

Armed with a few additional supplies, her net was completed in under 30 minutes and the tab came in under $10.

To make one of your own you will need.

make a bed canopy

A pack of Ikea LILL curtains

A medium quilting ring (purchased from Michaels for $2.99)

Ribbon or String

Ceiling Hook

Spraypaint (optional)

I. Start with removing the inner ring of the quilting ring from the outer by untwisting the screw until the outer rings disconnect.

make a bed canopy 2

II. Once the rings are detached, carefully string the curtains onto the rings. If you choose not to spray paint the rings, the wood will catch the fabric on the curtains so be careful not to tear or rip the fabric.

make a bed canopy 3

III. Once you have strung both panels onto the outer ring. Measure out your string or ribbon to the length desired. Keep in mind a knot will have to be added so account for that when measuring. Once you have your measurement in mind. Loop knot three ribbons or strings onto the ring.

make bed canopy 5 make bed canopy 5

IV. Once they have been attached to the ring. Collect them together and make a knot at the top.

V. Now, place the inner ring back into the outer one, making sure the fabric is hanging how you want. Then tighten the screw to connect the two rings.

easy bed canopy

VI. Put your ceiling hook in place and affix the knot onto the hook. I recommend screwing the hook into a drywall anchor to ensure it stays. Ask me how I know.

make a bed canopy

Want to see a visual? This video will show you how it’s done!

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Thanks for reading all about making a DIY Bed Canopy {An Easy Way to Make Your Own Bed Canopy}! Have a lovely day!

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