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easy abstract art {a tutorial}

layered abstract art8

diy abstract art

As you all know by now, canvas art is an easy, impactful and inexpensive way for me to update my home décor. I’ve created LOTS of canvas art in the past, and I have yet another to share here today.

The best part about adding paint to canvas is that it’s so easy to tweak the look and feel of the piece based entirely on what brushes and techniques you use. This piece is modern, abstract, and easy to coordinate with your own décor and colors. Let’s get started…

flat canvas (mine was 8.5″ x 11″)
craft paint
paint brush (about 1/2″ in width)

wall art tutorial

I played with both brushes in the picture above, but ended up going exclusively with the one on the left. Play with different brushes in your arsenal, though, to find the one that gives you the effect you’re looking for.

Step 1: Choose a paint color to start with, add a bit to your brush, and apply to your canvas in light, short strokes. Go through all your colors, rinsing your brush between them if needed.

layered abstract art2layered abstract art3
Step 2: Keep alternating between colors, until you get the coverage you’re going for. I could’ve stopped at any point along the way, depending on the look I was going for. I ended up, though, wanting to cover the canvas entirely. The last color I applied was white, and I waited until the canvas was completely dry before adding it so that it popped and didn’t bleed into the other colors.

diy abstract art


layered abstract art5 copy

Lastly, I inserted it into this Ikea Ribba frame, and added some detailing around the edges with washi tape.

It was a fun, satisfying and easy way to add some color to our bedroom space! Hope it inspires you to try your hand at something similar…no artistic experience required…really!

More DIY wall art ideas and inspiration can be found in our wall art archives!

Also, you can find free printable art for the home here!

Thanks for reading all about our easy abstract art {a tutorial}! Have a crafty day.


Monday 20th of January 2014

I remember a piece you made for your family's one time eating area. (before you decided to remodel your kitchen recently) That piece you painted was so very inspiring to me! It gave me the courage to get the materials that I need to try and paint a project for our home too. I checked your inspiration blog, that gave you the lesson for that piece, and I'm going from your's as my inspiration piece and her lessons for directions. I only hope that I can do half as well as you did! I have no talent whatsoever.


Wednesday 22nd of January 2014

I'm so glad I inspired you! And I'm sure you have more talent than you give yourself credit for. Would love to see it once complete! xoxo