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Kids’ Room Design Guide (2022):
Top 8 Paint Ideas for Parents

Kids love the idea of vibrant colors, and as a parent, if you’re able to choose a tone that matches their favorite character, then you will definitely be the parent of the year!

One thing you mustn’t take lightly is that opting for “too colorful” or too many colors can sometimes go wrong. Yes, obviously you want to make sure that the walls of your child’s room set a vibe that reflects their liveliness or character.

That’s why we’re going to cover the top eight paint ideas for your kid’s room so that you can strike the right balance.

Your Kid’s Bedroom Paint Ideas

A child’s bedroom, unlike an adult’s, is the place where creativity happens. Sleep is the last thing they want to use the room for. It’s their entire world, where they play, dream, rest, get messy, think, eat, study, and sleep. It’s their private space, and your responsibility of creating a haven for them is definitely not an easy task.

A safe bet would be to choose subtle colors. You may consider going with their current favorite obsession, but if you think about it, how long will this obsession last? Will you have to change the walls again to suit their next craze?

This is why Great Guys Painting always suggests colors that are in between—a color that complements  your child’s sense of self, restores their thoughts, and makes them feel at home.

Choosing a Paint Color for a Kid’s Room

Your child’s room or nursery is where they spend most of their time, meaning it’s the space where they grow, collecting a thousand memories that they carry into their adult life.

Be playful; keep your options open. Think about how fast they grow as well. Unicorns are nice, but when your little girl is past the age of six or seven, she might have different opinions.

Same for boys. He might be obsessed with dinosaurs now, but that doesn’t mean you should paint his room green.

Before you choose a paint for your kid’s room, think about the years ahead.

Here is our expert advice on some of the options you can consider for your kid’s room.

1.  Kids’ Room Paint Color: Dark Blue

Dark blue is definitely a popular interior paint color for 2022. Many parents go with dark blue for boys. But it’s also a great color for girls. You can use dark blue as the base color for the wall and add stars to create a night sky.

It is an attractive color with a calming effect that prepares your child for bedtime.

2.  Kids’ Room Paint Color: Pink

This is popular for girls for obvious reasons. But it doesn’t have to be. You could opt for lighter hues of pink for boys too.

Using furniture to complement your choice of wall paint adds a lot of value to the room itself.

Pink is known to flow within the room seamlessly. Highlight candy-colored walls with light-colored furniture such as a bed, side table, rug, photo frames, etc. What a restful atmosphere for the little ones.

3. Kids’ Room Paint Color: Coral

This is a bright color. If you love adding bold colors such as coral, we would advise you to use it as an accent on one wall only. Behind the bed is perfect for bold colors—it is unlikely to distract little ones from naptime.

Keep the other three walls neutral with lighter shades or tones. You don’t want it to be an overwhelming space for them.

4.  Kids’ Room Paint Color: Dark Green

Another bold option is dark green. It goes with various themes, such as safari, Peter Pan, dinosaurs, Tinkerbell, jungle, and many more.

Dark green is definitely a sophisticated choice, but again, it’s best if you can choose an accent wall for this, and paint the other three walls lighter shades.

This particular color is winning hearts in the interior design world, due to its grounding and soothing properties. It also gives you many options to match furniture and other home decor items for your child’s bedroom.

5.  Kids’ Room Paint Color: Light Gray

This is the interior design world’s current favorite paint color for kids’ rooms. Its neutral shade has many advantages such as keeping the focus on the room’s furniture and accessories.

Plus, using a light base gives you the option to decorate the walls with vibrant frames, and colorful pillows, or even hang your kid’s crafts to encourage their creativity.

Light gray also ages better than brighter colors. Kids are more likely to outgrow bright shades with time, so this shade can be ideal in the long run.

6. Kids’ Room Paint Color: Ivory

Ivory is a great choice for kids of all ages and genders. If you have multiple kids who share a bedroom, ivory is an excellent option for sure. It is an in-between color that can be used to decorate a girl’s or a boy’s room.

It provides a sense of calm during the day and a soothing vibe at bedtime as well. You could choose wooden furniture or white accessories to complement your ivory walls.

7.  Kids’ Room Paint Color: Dusty Rose

A pretty dusty rose is considered a feminine shade. If you have two girls, this could create their perfect atmosphere. It evokes a blend of cotton candy and sugary sweetness that most girls will absolutely adore.

Anywhere between two years to adulthood, this shade of pink is bound to create an ideal space. Dusty rose is known as a grown-up pink—which makes complete sense if you are decorating a teenager’s room.

8.  Kids’ Room Paint Color: Vibrant Blue

Vibrant blue is a happy color. For some, it can be a little too much, but if you want to choose this shade, don’t paint all your walls with it. Use lighter colors on the other walls to minimize the impact.

For playroom walls, a vibrant blue with wavy patterns or textures in lighter shades is a wonderful way to decorate your child’s room.

Again, when you are using a bright color such as this, try to pair it with light-colored furniture to minimize the brightness.


Your child’s room is their haven, a space that they spend most of their time in, unlike adults. Choose colors that help them to be their best selves. Remember, the place where they develop is crucial, and as parents, you should make your choice based on what’s best for them.

A kid’s bedroom should be something that makes them calm and happy but also speaks to their sense of self.

With these top eight paint ideas for your kid’s room, we hope that you can make a dream room for your child that they will appreciate.