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cupcake liners wreath {a tutorial}

This cupcake liner wreath is colorful and perfect for spring! Customize it with your favorite colors! The dip dyed technique adds a fun dose of color and charm.

cupcake liner wreath diy

A wreath made from cupcake liners? Of course! It’s super simple and perfect for spring!

cupcake liners wreath

I was inspired by plain white cupcake liners, and this watercolor doily garland I shared a while back. Plain white craft supplies plus a dose of color can always, in my opinion, be turned into something amazing.

cupcake liners wreath


cupcake liners wreath

Step 1: Separate your cupcake liners. I used two packs of the large ones, and I’m so glad I chose the large liners over the small…using the mini liners would have been much more time-consuming.

Take a liner, and fold in half, then fold in half again.

cupcake liners

Step 2: Take your folded liner, and add your color. You can do this several ways! You can add a drop or two of food coloring to water, you can use watercolors and a paintbrush, or you could add a drop of craft paint to water and stir together (I did the latter).

Dip your folded liner into your colored water and place it on newspaper or cardboard to dry. Repeat with the rest of your liners.

cupcake liners wreath

Step 3: Once dry, pin your folded liners onto your wreath form, being sure to overlap them a bit. I used the same color for each row, but you can mix and match the colors however you’d like.

cupcake liners wreath

After a few rows, this is what you’ll have…

cupcake liners wreath

Occasionally you’ll need a extra pin here or there, just to keep the liners from shifting too much. Make sure your entire wreath is covered.

cupcake liners wreath

And that’s all there is to it! I tied a piece of ribbon to the top of my wreath, and plan on hanging it in my daughter’s room.

cupcake liners wreath

What colors would you choose for a cupcake liner wreath? I chose pink, blue, yellow and green, but I’d love to see one in shades of blue! 

Thanks for reading all about how to make a wreath out of cupcake liners! Have a crafty day!


Monday 5th of February 2018

I love this idea! I'd make mine in lavender, yellow, & green. Great way to use up the million gazillion liners I almost threw out, since I don't like cupcakes (the hubs did).


Friday 1st of April 2016

This wreath is so beautiful! I love the bright colors, they are perfect for Spring. Now I have a healthier way to use up my cupcake liners. :)