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Slime Shop: Where to Buy Slime for Kids {Slime Under $6}

Love slime, but don’t want to take the time to make your own? Today, I’m talking all about Slime Shop: Where to Buy Slime for Kids.

All of these slimes are under $6, and perfect for gifts, party favors, birthdays and stocking suffers. 

Do you love a good slime recipe? We certainly do in our household.

With two young kids, slime is one of those easy and fun activities that I like to pull out every couple of weeks or so. My kids can play with slime for hours; I sometimes pull out play dough tools to get even more mileage out of a batch of slime.

slime shop | where to buy slime for kids

We’ve made a Unicorn Slime, a Valentines Day Themed Slime for Kids, and a Christmas Slime

Our go to, though, is this easy glitter glue slime recipe.

Sometimes, though, you just want to buy slime instead of making it.

Whether it’s because you need a large quantity, or just don’t want to deal with the mess, you can buy slime for about the cost of making it!

So today, I’m sharing some slime shop ideas–places where you can buy inexpensive slime for kids!

Take a look through my ideas, and let me know where your favorite place to buy slime is!

Slime Shop

slime shop

This slime is gorgeous! I love the mix of colors in this putty-like slime. There are several other color options to choose from, as well.

slime shop 2

I love the scent of watermelon, so I was definitely excited to see a watermelon slime from Etsy!

This would be perfect for Easter baskets or the Fourth of July! Her shop has lots of fruit-scented slimes, so be sure to check it out.

slime shop 3

This fluffy slime is perfect for anyone who loves pink! And again, there are various color options so you can choose your favorite!

slime shop 4

This slime is amazing, cheap, and comes in several color options! I love the large beads and sequins, such a fun sensory experience.

This premade slime is ready to play with right out of the container.

Contains 4 containers of Cosmic Shimmer Gue in the following colors: teal/purple, red/orange, green/gold, purple/blue!

slime shop 5
slime shop 6

This shop has a huge selection of gorgeous and inexpensive slimes! I love the different colors and how fluffy the slime appears!

The shop has great reviews, as well.

slime shop 7
slime shop 8

Again with the inexpensive and fluffy slime! Amazon has us covered with these super fun slimes for kids!

slime shop 8

I love the look of clear slimes. They often contain glitter, sequins, or little plastic pieces to make it colorful and fun, like this super cute slime from amazon!

slime shop 9

Slime is such great entertainment for little ones. Consider making slime as a birthday party or slumber party activity. This slime kit is a great place to get started.

I hope this slime shop post gave you some great ideas about where to buy slime for kids! Stock up for birthday parties, rainy days and more!

As I mentioned earlier, my kids and I love making slime. If you’d rather make it than buy it, here are several slime options from our archives!

make elmers glue slime 3

This is the glitter slime recipe that got me and my kids hooked on slime! It’s super easy, and can be made in many different colors.

christmas craft for kids

Christmas slime is so fun and festive! Switch out the colors and it’s perfect for ANY holiday or special occasion!

unicorn slime 2

Unicorn Slime is another family favorite slime recipe! So fun! You can add whichever colors of glitter or confetti you’d like to make it uniquely your own!

Thanks for reading all about Slime Shop: Where to Buy Slime for Kids {Slime Under $6}! Hope you have a lovely day!

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