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the dropcloth window treatment (re)post

Hello, Lovelies! I’ve gotten a few compliments/questions about my living room window treatments lately, so I wanted to share this post from three years ago with you all…and you know the window treatments are a winner when they’re still up three years later:)

I’ve been eyeing the drop cloth curtain trend for a while now. And though I have two windows in my living room that are treatment-less, I never felt as though they needed anything on them….at least not until I saw this tablecloth on Target’s clearance rack the other day.

I bought two, not quite knowing what I was going to do with them. After getting home and realizing that they worked perfectly in my living room, I knew what had to be done. Enter two of these…

…a couple of rods from Target, four packs of ring clips, and a child-less afternoon, and my living room went from this…
to this…
So I know that everyone says this…but the room feels so much more finished now. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t tackle this project sooner.

As these are very, very basic panels, I do not have a full tutorial for you, but just a couple of tips if you want to try this yourself. First, err on the side of too wide for your panels. My windows are 45″ wide each, and I made each panel approximately 50″ wide…equalling the length of your window for each panel will give you nice, full panels. Also, make sure you hang your rods high! Higher rods will make your room feel larger and taller-always a good thing. I actually kinda wish we had hung our rods a bit higher now that I am looking at it finished. Last tip? Definitely prewash, but don’t worry about ironing…the wrinkles mostly fell out overnight thanks to gravity.

In case you are wondering about the cost breakdown, here it is:

rods-$13 each from Target
tablecloths-$10 each, also from Target
drop cloths-20 each from Home Depot (9″x12″)
ring clips-$30 from Target (will need 4 packs)

Total: approximately $116, with plenty of fabric leftover