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easy DIY painted canvas

painted canvas burlap+blue

Canvases are such an inexpensive and easy way to add art to your home. I’ve shared lots of canvas art ideas here, including my polka dot canvas, 10 creative solutions for blank walls post, and my cameo silhouette post. So, when I needed a large piece of art to hang above the banquette in my kitchen, I knew a blank canvas was a good place to start.

painted canvas burlap+blue

I loosely followed this tutorial from The Clever Nest, she does a great job explaining the process so I don’t have to. 🙂 Basically, I used a foam brush and craft paint and, starting from the bottom, painted large X’s across my canvas. If I wasn’t happy with a particular section, I just waited until it was dry then painted over it. Love how forgiving craft paint is like that!

painted canvas burlap+blue

My 4-year-old and I decided it looked like the beach, which is just perfect if you ask me. And I love how it ties together all the colors in my kitchen.

painted canvas burlap+blue

With my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, this canvas cost about $8. Definitely a great investment, considering I can easily paint over it when I want a change.

Thanks for reading!


Monday 10th of June 2013

That is beautiful! And, it DOES look like a beach! Love the idea and technique! This week, my goal is to sand and paint ALL of my kitchen cupboards. Shew......wish me luck!!


Tuesday 11th of June 2013

Good luck with that!!! NOT an easy feat, as you well know! Let me know how it turns out! xoxo