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fixer upper dining rooms {how to get the modern farmhouse look for your dining room!}

Fixer Upper dining rooms, living rooms and more to inspire your own home decor! These rooms, all from Fixer Upper on HGTV, have the farmhouse, rustic style we all love.

Browse this large collection of Fixer Upper spaces from Chip and Joanna Gaines, and add some Fixer Upper decor to your own spaces.

Fixer Upper on HGTV, for good reason, taken the design-world by storm.

Of all the design and home decor shows out there, this has definitely become my new favorite, and I know I’m not the only one crushing on Chip and Joanna’s vintage-inspired, found and farmhouse style.

fixer upper spaces

Take a look through these gorgeous spaces; I dare you not to be inspired by their fabulous, and attainable, style!

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ALSO: see how we converted our 70’s brick fireplace to a modern farmhouse fireplace in a weekend (quick video below).

Lastly, these Fixer Upper Bathrooms and Fixer Upper Kitchens are so gorgeous!

fixer upper dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens

fixer upper dining room

As always, the combination of rustic wood, stone, white walls and vintage elements work to create a livable and cozy space.

fixer upper dining room

Chip and Joanna combine elements of wood plus lots of white in a lot of their spaces and it’s a winning combination.

fixer upper dining room

In almost every Fixer Upper space, whether it’s a dining room, living room or bedroom, you’re sure to find a unique shaped mirror or other accent piece.

This half-moon mirror is stunning and I love adding unusually-shaped mirrors to give my home personality.


Both the stone fireplace and wood mantle are gorgeous!

I love how, on the two images above, the plain fireplaces are gussied up with a piece of reclaimed wood for the mantle!

Would love to replicate this in my own home!


Also a key feature in any Fixer Upper room makeover?

An amazing light fixture! This one above definitely brings the “wow” factor to this space.


Love that clock? Me too. Find a similar one here!


I love how Chip and Joanna combine wood and white so effortlessly!

I did a post a while back on some of my favorite wood and white pairings…such a classic, timeless, yet on-trend look!


I’m always impressed by the creative and unique wall art pieces in Fixer Upper rooms, the metal art above is such a great conversation piece!

I notice that Chip and Joanna also love using wooden letters, plants, mirrors and wreaths (magnolia, naturally) to add some color and texture to plain walls.


Natural and jute rugs seem to be a staple of Fixer Upper-style living. And, again, the wood and white combination is just lovely to me.


I adore a good Fixer Upper dining room, and these do not disappoint!

I LOVE this vintage window pane with a magnolia wreath hanging over it…I recently did something similar in my own home! I upcycled some window panes and added a gorgeous boxwood wreath and it’s added such great texture to my living room.

You can find window panes similar to this almost anywhere now!

They may not be vintage, but places like Target, HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby almost always have window panes…just add a wreath, and you have instant Fixer Upper style!


Another Fixer Upper must-have feature? Wood beams!

Contrasting with a white ceiling and walls, rustic wood beams are charming and add so much cozy texture to a space.


Mixing and matching chairs is a surefire way to get the fixer upper look for your dining room.

Love this combination of wood and upholstered chairs in this dining room.

All of that gorgeous reclaimed wood!! I’m in love!

And the contrast of the reclaimed wood with (nearly) white walls, and even white (and light colored) sofas and chairs is a winning combination.


The exposed brick is another lovely farmhouse element in this space.


The side panel of this crib is so beautiful; I think I’d want this space for myself 😉 And what a gorgeous light fixture! Love the shadows it creates on the ceilings and walls. Love, love, love.

fixer upper 2
fixer upper 3
fixer upper 4

The three spaces above have one thing in common–a deep, gorgeous blue paired with lots of white and natural wood.

I’m slowly adding richer blue tones into my living room, and I’m glad to know it’s Chip and Joanna-approved 🙂

fixer upper1

So, tell me! What are your favorite Fixer Upper spaces? I am really drawn to any rustic, vintage-inspired space with lots of bright light, natural wood and white!

There are so many great ideas and spaces to choose from, thanks for letting me share some of my favorite Fixer Upper dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens with you today!

Don’t forget to check out this post on how to get the Fixer Upper for your own home, lots of goods in all price points, and my post sharing over 35+ Fixer Upper-inspired printable favorites!

fixer upper printable art

Thanks for reading all about my favorite fixer upper on HGTV {dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens-how to get the modern farmhouse look!}

Have a fantastic day!


Thursday 2nd of January 2020

Hi there, I've searched high and low for those black metal oval chairs with the cushions featured in one of the dining rooms. Any idea what brand they Are?!


Friday 8th of March 2019

I’m curious about most of the colors on fixer upper... are they Joanna’s paint line colors ? Or does she use sherwin Williams? Pintrest has some of Joanna’s go to colors, I’m just not sure how accurate that really is. Thank you in advance.


Tuesday 1st of January 2019

I purchased a Joanna Gaines clock but it didn’t fit my living there any smaller ones so I can be able to put one of hers?

Cath Lawrenson

Thursday 10th of March 2016

Love this show! They break many of the rules mixing different styles and periods and proving that everything can be mixed if you know how to! If you want some chalk painted or white washed pieces you don't have to go total beach! Same goes if you want a couple of ultra modern touches. The more tastefully eclectic the space the more interesting! The one constant is the use of coloured neutrals. Creams that evoke Devonshire teas and whimsical blues that make me think of sandwiches on the beach. Tactile bric brac and soft furnishings complete the earthy, homey spaces that we are all trying to achieve! I have only one complaint, there aren't enough shows to make me happy! More please!


Thursday 10th of March 2016

I agree! There aren't nearly enough shows to keep me happy:) But you're right, I love how they mix styles so easily!


Thursday 25th of February 2016

They were built ins that were spruced up. It was one of their renos from this year.