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Big Family – Things to Consider

Do you want a big family? If yes, you’ll enjoy reading this blog post. Having a big family can be fun. You get to do different activities with the members of your household, like the kids, your siblings, cousins, nephews, or grandparents.

Things to consider if you want a big family

Here is what we’ll discuss in this blog post: A brief explanation of a big family, the advantages/disadvantages of having a big family, and whether having a big family is right for you.

big family

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What is a Big Family?

Most likely, you’ll expect a big family to be one where the parents have at least three children in the household. It can also include extended family members.

Should I Have a Big Family?

If you want a big family, go for it. Ensure you are financially capable and have the right resources to provide for the needs of your big family. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having a big family. I’ll discuss them here.

Advantages of Having a Big Family?

1) You will always have company

Just like the saying, “the more, the merrier.” With a big family, there is always an opportunity to interact with others. From having conversations with the outspoken kid to engaging in fun and interesting activities with the rest of the family—would make the idea of having a big family a good one. Having a big family lets you enjoy road trips and long journeys more, as you can engage in chit-chat and be entertained by the different personalities of your kids.

2) You have support

There is enough support for you in a big family. If you are a bit stressed out, you can easily get assistance from your kids or siblings. Support from a big family doesn’t have to be big favors—small favors like your teenage kids helping you to prepare Thanksgiving meals or looking after the younger ones while you go grocery shopping.

3) Social and communication skills

Having a big family gives children the space to interact with their siblings, parents, and other members of the family. This interaction can help them build their social skills, which will benefit them when they need to interact with strangers in the outside world.

4) It is a whole lot of fun

In a big family, you’ll hardly get bored. You can visit new places with your kids, siblings, grandparents, or other loved ones. Even if you don’t want to go out, you can still do creative indoor activities with the kids, learn about their unique personalities, and remember the good memories you’ve shared.

5) Learn more about life

The interactions that kids have in a big family help them to learn from others and know more about each other’s personalities. You also have the opportunity to learn new things from your kids.

6) The act of selflessness

In a big family, kids share stuff with others and are used to doing things together. They learn to share spaces, toys, rooms, and beds, and also accept whatever gifts they receive or food they see to eat.

Disadvantages of Having a Big Family?

1) Lack of time or space to bond with the kids 

If you have a lot of children, spending adequate one-on-one time with them can be difficult. Situations like this can lead to neglect, resentment from the child towards their parents, or the parents not being aware of important details in their kids’ lives.

2) More arguments 

Having different personalities in the same house is a recipe for drama and arguments. Kids can fight or argue about silly things, for example, when toddlers push each other and cry over who should use the toy first. Teenagers are also likely to argue and get into aggressive fights when they get on each other’s nerves.

3) It is more expensive

Imagine catering for the welfare of the kids and other family members. It can get expensive when you calculate how much you need to spend on feeding, tuition, and other monthly bills. If you are not financially stable, having a big family can take a toll on your mental health.

4) Expect noise

Having fun with more people is expected in a big family, and of course, this sounds great, but the problem lies here: more people equals more noise—especially from kids. When kids play together, they are very energetic and can scream at the top of their lungs. If you don’t like a noisy environment, you may need to rethink the idea of having a big family.

5) Living for your children

It’s possible to have a life not dependent on your kids, but this is easier said than done when you have a lot of kids. You have to sacrifice your daily time to cater to their needs. For every big goal you have or big decision you plan to make, you may feel the need to reconsider it because of your kids, and this can prevent you from pursuing your goals or dreams.

6) It can be overwhelming 

Taking care of a child is hard enough, but being responsible for the welfare of three kids or more can become overwhelming. If life happens, and you end up with financial difficulties, you’ll struggle more to feed and take proper care of the kids, which can make you feel like a bad parent if you can’t afford the necessities you and your family need.

If you want a big family, you need to consider whether you have the resources and ensure you are also aware of the possible challenges that come with having a big family.

Thank you for reading all about big families and the things you should consider before having one. Have a great day!