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Crochet Gifts – Gift Ideas Using Crochet

Looking for ideas for crochet gifts? How about gifts for crocheters in your life? This post has you covered! We’ll share lots of great gift ideas you can DIY or buy!

Whether you are looking to make a crochet gift OR find a gift idea for the crocheter in your life, this post is for you!

While there is some debate as to the origins of crochet, there’s no question that it’s a DIY craft that’s been around for a long time.

While it’s always had some level of popularity, crochet is getting new life due to several factors. It’s (relatively) easy to learn, you don’t need to spend a ton to get started, and the applications are endless!

Whether it’s crochet flowers, scarves, hats, headbands, ornaments or a number of other wearable and home ideas, crochet crafts and gifts are popular, modern and meaningful.

The reemergence of “granny chic” style could be another factor in the popularity of both crochet and knitting.

No matter the reason, crochet is here to stay and so, today, I’m sharing some crochet gift ideas! Both to make and give as a gift, or to give to the crocheter in your life!

Crochet Gifts

Let’s first look at some gifts to crochet and give to others.

Crochet Gifts - Crochet Gift Ideas to Make and Give

Looking for ideas for crochet gifts? We have you covered with lots of gift ideas you can make and give (or even sell)!

Gifts for Crocheters

Now that we’ve shared some gifts that you can crochet and gift to others, let’s talk about some gifts to give TO someone who loves to crochet.

When you have a hobby like crocheting, you are used to getting gifts that revolve around your hobby, which is great! If you want to give an extra unique gift that your crocheter will love, though, you may have to get extra creative.

Here are some gift ideas for the crochet lover in your life…

Crochet Stitch Markers

gifts for crocheters

Crochet stitch markers can not only be used to quickly identify the position of crochet and knitting stitches, but also can be used as charms on your DIY necklaces and bracelets. They’re lightweight, made of heavy duty plastic and relatively inexpensive.

T-Shirt for Crocheters

t shirt crocheters

This crochet T-shirt is a fun and humorous gift for the crocheter in your life!

Featuring the phrase “Just Pour Me My Coffee, Hand Me My Crochet Now Slowly Back Away,” this T-shirt is the perfect gift idea. There are other designs and plenty of colors to choose from!

Tote Bag for Crocheters

crochet gifts

What a cute tote bag for any needle crafter in your life!

It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Yarn” tote is a great way for your favorite crafter to carry their supplies around.

All seams on this heavy duty canvas bag are double stitched to easily handle heavier items. Plus, the two sturdy handles enable you to carry this canvas tote bag either on your shoulder or in your hand.

Thanks for reading all about our Crochet Gifts – Gift Ideas Using Crochet. Have a great day!