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How to Decorate with Rugs {5 Need-to-Know Tips}

Sharing all about how to decorate with rugs! Rugs can add so much to a home-color, warmth, pattern, comfort, and more. Whether you’re a rug newbie, or more experienced, these 5 need-to-know tips and tricks about decorating with rugs will be a great resource!

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While a rug’s purpose may be to provide your feet with a sense of comfort, it goes beyond a mere stepping accessory. Limiting your rug’s functionality to that of a floor cover would be doing your room a great disservice. In fact, the right type of carpet can transform your room from an area lacking in luster into an atmosphere brimming with chicness and panache.

If the style factor of this textile isn’t enough to sell you, perhaps its multifunctional purpose and versatility will. Choosing the right rug for your space can help tie all of your décor and accessories together into one perfect display.

Whether you’re looking to add a sense of warmth to your room or need a little guidance in choosing the perfect print for your space, be sure to check out these five must-know decorating tips for rugs below.

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Opt for a Different Shape and Size

While it’s true that many traditional rugs are rectangular by default, that doesn’t mean your centerpiece has to retain the same dimensions, too. A rug doesn’t necessarily have to encase your entire floorboards to add a sense of functionality and aesthetics.

Once you know what size your carpet should be, choose a shape that will give your space an added je ne sais quoi your guests are sure to admire. Although circular and oval shapes are also a classic, choosing an irregular rug offers a more daring and distinguished look that provides the illusion of a larger, more extensive room.

Go Beyond Just One Style

Who says you must stick to just one-color scheme or pattern? Mix a contemporary rug with a traditional style for a look that is guaranteed to turn heads.

The decision to pair various print rugs often works best in homes with a solid wood floor. The deep mahogany color of the wood establishes a bare template which allows you to add color and style to with rugs and carpet.

Be careful not to add too much pattern to rooms that already have a lot going on in the décor department. Pairing two different rugs together makes a bold statement that may be too busy in an already colorful room. This choice adds a modernistic impression to otherwise neutral or toned-down surroundings, which it compliments best.

Line Your Rugs on the Floor — and Walls!

While many typically think of rugs as a piece of fabric that belongs beneath our feet, they also serve an aesthetic function, too! You wouldn’t drape your artwork on the floor, so why not give rugs with artsy designs an elevated mounting, too?

Of course you don’t want to hang any ordinary rug on the wall. Avoid placing solid-colored textiles on the wall to prevent a mundane look. When mounting your textile to the wall, make sure you choose a piece that can serve as a multifunctional artistic centerpiece as well.

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Choose Your Colors Wisely

While you may be tempted to add a splash of color to your space via your rugs, don’t go too overboard and make turn your surroundings into a busy atmosphere. A consistent color scheme in easy on the eyes and doesn’t distract your vision from the décor that’s already existent in your room.

Did you know colors have a profound effect on our mood and can alter our state of emotions just through their visual appeal? In fact, there’s an entire field of psychology dedicated to the impact of color processing and our emotional responses.

Make sure your color scheme matches the mood you’re hoping to obtain in your newly decorated space. If you’re arranging a newborn baby’s room, opt for a tranquilizing color such as a light blue. When you need an invigorated sense of energy in an office space, for instance, a dash of green can provide you with the rejuvenating vigor necessary to power through the day.

Bring Your Room with Your While Shopping

You spend so much time in your room that you can’t possibly forget the details surrounding every piece of décor — right? Not necessarily. Remembering every single part of your room is both unrealistic and unnecessary.

Bring your room with you the next time you go rug shopping to ensure the fabric fits flawlessly into your space when you bring it home. You may not be able to physically pack your room into your purse as a source of inspiration while out on the market, but you can effortlessly take your color swatches and wood samples with you while on the go.

Take a picture of your room before you go out shopping so you can physically map what rug will best fit into your space and where. While you’re in the store browsing, you can show a designer or salesperson your room to get multiple opinions that may just help you find the perfect piece.

A rug is more than just a flat lay. In fact, the perfect rug can help add the definition and personalization your abode may currently appear to be lacking. Take your interior surroundings to the next level with a rug or two laying front and center that ties your décor perfectly together.

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Thanks for reading all about How to Decorate with Rugs {5 Need-to-Know Tips}! Have a lovely day!

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Alicia Hursley

Monday 28th of June 2021

I really love the info you shared on colors affecting your mood. It can be so easy to ruin a rug quickly, destroy the colors, and never fully recover the feeling you want to have in your home. I finally found a decent area rug cleaning service out here in Tacoma that really gets the job done well and preserves the color and mood of my home.


Tuesday 8th of September 2020

This is a really helpful blog post! So many people buy rugs without really considering the size, shape, and how it works with their existing furniture. I bought a rug a few years ago and wish I would have done more research before purchasing it. It's a fluffy dark gray rug that is so cozy, but it's a little too big for our living room and it collects dog hair like a magnet! I have to get it cleaned twice a year by a professional rug cleaner just to keep it free from pet hair and stains. The next time I buy a rug, it will definitely be a more thoughtful decision!