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Rock Painting Ideas {Easy Ideas for Painting Creative Rocks}

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Sharing some easy and creative rock painting ideas! Painted rocks are such a fun, trendy and easy craft idea; this post is sharing some of my very favorite, and very easy, ideas for painting your own rocks!

Painted rocks are such a fun trend right now. My kids love painting them, hiding them, and, most importantly, finding them! It’s a great way to be creative AND encourage outdoor exploration at the same time. Rock painting ideas abound, and it’s always fun to be inspired by others’ creativity.

rock painting ideas


All you need are a few very simple supplies. You can buy a Rock Painting Kit and be ready to go, or you can gather flat rocks, paint brushes paints, and Mod Podge to seal them (so that the elements don’t wash off your designs)!

Today, I’m sharing a bunch of easy painted rock ideas. You’re sure to find something to inspire your next rock painting session…

Rock Painting Ideas 7

via heartmadestoneart

I LOVE these trees. They look hard, but are fairly easy with just a few basic brush strokes!

rock painting ideas

source unknown

painted rock ideas

via phyllis plassmeyer

Rock Painting Ideas 6

via crafts by amanda

Snowflakes are an easy rock painting idea for cooler weather. Use metallic markers (or sprinkle on some glitter) for added shimmer!

painted rocks

via sustain my craft habit

Rock Painting Ideas 6

via twitchetts

This idea takes a few more supplies, but the end result is gorgeous. I love the marbled look!

painted rocks

via chica circle

painted rocks

via delineate your dwelling

These are so pretty and EASY. Choose your favorite colors to make them one of a kind.

painted rocks

via cocktails cupcakes crafts

painted rocks

via a girl and a glue gun

This is a super clever idea using items you most likely already have on in your home! Perfect for when your kids are bored and need a fun activity.

painted rocks

via bebe and bear

Rock Painting Ideas 5

via mark montano

Mark Montano gives you the step by step instructions for creating these bold and beautiful painted rocks.

painted rocks

via color made happy

Rock Painting Ideas 3

via hello wonderful

This is such a cute idea. Free printable is included so you can make your own!

Rock Painting Ideas 2

via the postmans knock

Rock Painting Ideas

via design improvised

I love how these rocks are stenciled and utilize chalk paint. Such a clever idea.

via the simple parent

Did you find something to inspire you? Thanks for reading all about my favorite Rock Painting Ideas {Easy Ideas for Painting Creative Rocks}. Have a great day!

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Tuesday 4th of September 2018

Hi, lovely ideas . I just started this art and would like to know ,how to make the rock have a glossy finish ? Thanks Shady


Tuesday 4th of September 2018

Hello! I would coat rocks with Mod Podge to give them a shiny, durable finish. Thanks!

An Linh

Friday 18th of May 2018

A great idea, I will apply for his house right now, thank you for sharing

Ve Sinh Nha Cua

Friday 19th of January 2018

Lovely creative. Your ideas inspired me a lot to motivate my artwork. Thanks