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one pot pasta meals {10 favorite recipes}

One pot pasta is such a fabulous thing! Today, I’m sharing some of my very favorite one pot pasta meals! Enjoy!

one pot pasta recipes

Apparently, one pot pastas made their entrance into the US via one of Martha Stewart’s chefs who came across the technique while in Italy. As far as ways to simplify meals go, the idea behind one pot pasta is perfect: less prep, less pans, less time, and less dishes. What’s not to love?

I’ve tried several one pot pasta meals myself, and I look forward to trying a lot more in the future, starting with these 10 favorite one pot pasta meals. Hope you find something new to try and love, as well!

one pot pasta

Pasta, sausage, tomatoes, garlic and basic come together to create this easy, one pot meal! Everything this blogger creates is amazing, so I will definitely be adding this to my grocery list.

via damn delicious

one pot pasta

One pot pasta puttanesca? Yes, please! We love olives and capers in our family, so this is a dish that everyone from my husband to my 2 year old would love.

via get creative juice

one pot pasta

This one pot cajun chicken and sausage alfredo pasta sounds exactly like a dish my husband would love!

via No. 2 Pencil

one pot pasta recipe

Perfect for Summer, this one pot pasta uses farmers market favorites to create this easy and healthy dish!

via the view from great island

 one pot pasta

Featuring lemon and cream cheese, how could this creamy pasta dish possibly go wrong?

via diethood

one pot pasta recipe

Red peppers, goat cheese, and sausage share top billing in this one pot roasted red pepper and sausage alfredo pasta!

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one pot pasta

This one pot chicken alfredo looks amazing…and Ashley also gives substitutions to make it a bit healthier if you’re so inclined!

via kitchen meets girl

one pot pasta

This one pot pasta contains mushrooms, beans, and spinach, making it a better-for-you (yet still delicious) vegetarian option.

via crunchy creamy sweet

one pot pasta

Beef stroganoff is one of our favorite go-to winter comfort foods!

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one pot pasta

Our entire family loves enchiladas…with the addition of pasta (and only one pot!), I can see this becoming a family favorite.

via no. 2 pencil

So tell me, what is YOUR favorite one pot pasta meal?