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wood and felt buntings {a tutorial}

Need a quick creative fix? Have a wall, mantel, or mirror that could use some gussying up?

Today, I’m sharing a fun and versatile tutorial with you all-balsa wood and felt buntings!

balsa wood
scissors/hold punch
twine or fabric
felt or paper letters

Step 1: Take your balsa wood and cut it into triangles. I cut my triangles freehand, but you can cut a pattern out of cardstock if you prefer. For reference, the tops of my triangles were approximately 2.5″ wide. Here is the balsa that I used:

Step 2: Using a hole punch, punch a hole in each corner of your triangles. My balsa was literally paper thin, so this wasn’t as hard as it sounds. If your balsa is thicker, you’ll need to use a drill to make your holes.

Step 3: Using your twine or fabric (cut into thin stripes, edges left raw), tie your triangles together. Tie a long length at each end for hanging. Attach your letters and you’re done!

What do you think?

You can personalize these with names, words or favorite sayings. I love the one that says “bliss” hanging over my plate rack. With all of the different patterns of fabric and colors of felt out there, this idea is sooo easy to customize and make your own!