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Slime Recipe {An Easy Glitter Slime Kids Craft}

Have you and your kids jumped on the glitter slimes bandwagon yet? If not, you should! This Elmers Glue Glitter Slime Recipe is easy, inexpensive and the kids will LOVE helping you make it!

Glitter Glue comes in several different colors, purchase them all to make this slime recipe in various colors! To make this family favorite kids craft, read on…

Make easy glitter slimes with Elmers Glue! Elmers Glue Glitter Slime is a fun kids craft idea.

My kids and I love fun glitter slimes recipes.

This Elmers Glue slime recipe, using glitter glue, is one such recipe. It comes together quickly (the kids love to help make it), and you can play with it again and again!

slime recipe

How to Make Glitter Slime (No Borax)


Which Contact Lens Solution is Best for Slime?

Most contact solution contains boric acid which is a disinfectant that keeps the eyes fungus-free. School glue contains polyvinyl alcohol (also known as PVA)which is made up of ethylene, oxygen, and acetic acid.

Here’s how it works: The polyvinyl alcohol molecules (found in the glue) and boric acid (found in the contact solution) combine and stick together.

As they combine they make a polymer chain, which is what forms the slime!

slime recipe 2

This slime recipe is so, so easy to make! Here’s what you’ll need to do…

Empty bottle of glitter glue into a bowl. We made three colors today, and plan on picking up the other glitter glue colors for when our slimes dry out.

Next, add your baking soda and stir in well. Add your contact lens solution and mix in. The contact lens solution acts as your activator.

After the slime begins to form, you may want to remove it from the bowl and knead it with your hands.

I tell my kids to add a drop or two of contact lens solution to their hands before they start kneading. This helps the slime from sticking to their hands and making a mess.

slime recipe 3

Slime still too sticky? Add a drop or two more of contact solution!

Store in an airtight container. We made our first batch a couple months ago, and it still works great! After a little while the slime will start to dry out (or sometimes separate), when that happens just toss it and make a new batch!

glitter slimes 4

So tell me, what is YOUR favorite slime recipe? This one is currently ours, but we love trying new ones out! I think we’ll try out a shaving cream slime next!


If you’d rather buy slime than make it, visit our Slime Shop post, with lots of inexpensive options!

glitter slimes 5

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Thanks for reading all about our easy glitter slime recipe {using elmer’s glue}! Have a fantastic day!

*only contact solutions containing borate or boric acid will create slime


Saturday 15th of August 2020

Thanks for this quick and easy recipe! My grandgirls and I really enjoyed making it and how easy it was! Had a small amount of glue left and I mixed the pink and purple up to make a small batch for myself.

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